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    House of Salgado - Anyone know them?

    Have any of you guys from Canada (or anyone else, for that matter) ever heard of the House of Salgado? It is apparently a custom tailor in Toronto. I came across a few garments they made at an estate sale recently with canvas construction and functional sleeves buttons. Quality looks decent...
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    Trad Santa? Footwear for the Ivy League Christmas

    Thinking of you guys
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    Abramoff and hats??

    Politics aside for a moment. In fact, maybe this belongs on the fashion forum. But what the heck was he thinking here? Bear in mind, I am one of those horrible people who actually likes baseball hats. But with a SUIT, while attending your own court sentencing?? Is he self-conscious...
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    Centofanti / Trabalza in Robb Report

    Anyone catch the nice article in the December Robb Report called A Tale of Two Tailors? Very nice piece about the sartorial arts.
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    grooming Favorite cologne(s)?

    There was a thread on the main fashion forum over a year ago in which everyone talked about his favorite cologne. Unfortunately, I can't find it with "Search". What's your favorite? Do you have a different-smell-for-different-occasions-philosophy? Do you "layer"? Or is that just a chick thing?
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    grooming hair regimen

    I'd be curious to hear what you guys use for the coif? Chuck uses whatever I buy. When I asked some of my former colleagues (travelling consultants) if they they carried their product with them, I got blank stares. Turns out, they all used the hotel shampoo. A lot depends on your "do" of...
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    Your dream "club room"

    ...or Library? or sitting room? or whatever you wish to call it. If money were no object, what would your refuge room look like. Not trying to turn this into a decorating forum (you know, feeling all empowered by the whole Women's forum, and all!!!) But since Andy mentioned it in the forum...
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    womens-fashion What are your favorite "office" shoes?

    I'd love to say that I only wear Manolos, but honestly, I don't own a single pair. I try to avoid what I deem overly frumpy "sensible" shoes (1" chunky pumps). But I don't want anything too terribly fashion-forward either. So I usually end up wearing trousers with dress loafers or ankle...
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    womens-fashion Thank you for the new forum, Andy!

    Welcome, all! This should be a fun place for the ladies to discuss our own clothing without stepping on the fellas' toes! It should be interesting!
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    New Fora!

    Yoo-hoo! I just saw the three new ones! The Interchange, Women's and Grooming! Way to go, Andy. And a big ol' THANK YOU!