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    Had enough of Pop-Ups

    I find myself coming to this site less and less. Anyone else thrown off by the pop-ups that take most of the screen, play video, and cannot be deleted or minimized? I hope Andy is making a lot from the videos because it is has kind of spoiled the experience of coming and checking out the...
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    Manton Goes Trad?

    For those that remember the earlier days of Ask Andy, one of the resident experts on mens clothing was Manton, aka Michael Anton. As I recall, he definitely favored a more dandy-ish (less Trad) style with double breasted suits, peak lapels, etc. He even wrote a book called The Suit based upon...
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    Make America Preppy Again!

    Definitely not as good an attempt at viral marketing as the Tea Partay videos, but still entertaining.
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    Beams Seersucker Sack Jacket

    This looked like an interesting seersucker sport coat. Beams is one of the Japanese brands that remembers the details of trad better than we do in the US (patch pockets, lapel roll). Sized S,M,L and could be cut short (hard to tell on the model), but I thought I would pass it along anyway...
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    Britches of Georgetowne being brought back

    I posted this over on the main forum since Britches was definately not exclusively trad. To my mind, it was more like a cross between Ralph Lauren and Paul Stuart, with classic, quality clothes. Their casual Britches Great Outdoors line was extremely preppy. One of the original founders of...
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    Britches of Georgetowne being brought back

    One of the original founders of Britches of Georgetowne has bought the trademarks back and has secured financing to reintroduce the brand. It appears that the brand will be sold through other high-end stores, rather than have its own stores like in the early days of Britches. I will be...
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    Washing Seersucker Suit - Trad Torture Tested

    Like several others on this forum a few years ago, I purchased a Haspel seersucker suit for about $100 from Overstock or a site like that. It has always fit a bit boxy and is not a sack. Though it claims to be Dry Clean Only, I had always wondered if I could just launder it. I searched...
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    Return of the Old Lacoste Shirts?

    As some of the older members may remember, the old Lacoste shirts in the 80s were great shirts. They had thick mesh cotton, nice banded sleeves. and a tennis tail in the back. As prior posts here have commented, the most recent incarnation by Lacoste had none of those things, and were thin...
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    English Sports Shop Bermuda Video

    I thought some might enjoy this video on the English Sports Shop in Bermuda. Now that Triminghams and Smith's Bermuda are gone, this is sort of the O'Connells of Bermuda. Notice the old picture of the owner from when he came to Bermuda in the 50s - he was wearing strict ivy league attire then...
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    Horsebit loafers - broken bit or snaffle

    I have a pair of Peter Huber loafers which are a very good copy of the classic Gucci loafers. The metal bit broke on one shoe. Any idea where I could get a replacement bit? The loafers are in otherwise good shape.
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    Reyn Spooner Popover Fun Shirt

    I saw this colossal marriage of fringe trad elements on ebay. Reyn Spooner (some may remember when J. Press did a blazer of this fabric a few years ago), popover collar, and "fun" shirt design. For all of your Hawaiian GTH needs.
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    Brooks Brothers Sack Blazer and other good things

    Maybe it is old news, but I had not seen mention of Brooks Brothers 3/2 sack blazer now being offered. For those who have been following this board for a while and remember various Members writing entreaties to Brooks to bring back the standards, this is a very welcome sign...
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    ACI - Calvin Trillin's index for pretentiousness

    I thought everyone would enjoy trad-author Calvin Trillin's new index to measure pretentiousness. Notice the description of the index-inventor's trad clothing below.
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    The Sporting Life - 1980s trad/prep

    The Sporting Life was a catalog business out of Alexandria Virginia that operated from the late 70s to the late 80s. The company received a favorable mention in TOPH for its use of a great embroidered mallard as its logo. While surfing around the web today, I found a blog which featured...
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    Historic Artifact - J. Press Lilly Pulitzer blazer

    Like the old Reeces Peanut Butter Cup commercials used to say "two great tastes that taste great together", I thought this J. Press Lilly Pulitzer jacket was interesting. This is from the first incarnation of Lilly back in the 60s or 70s. Someone here recently posted a J. Press made suit...
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    Alligator Boat Shoes??

    Years ago, Harris posted a thread about "Luxe" boat shoes by Alden because everyone thought that $200+ was a lot to pay for boat shoes. I teased that true luxe boat shoes should be made of Alligator or Crocodile. Well, who knew that Sperry of all companies would actually produce such. I...
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    Brooks Bros. Golf/Club Collar non-iron shirts

    BB is carrying some club collar shirts again. Sadly, not in non-non-iron oxford. For that you will need to tailor the collar like in ASF's other thread...
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    Stillman's Last Days of Disco on Hulu

    The bad news - Metropolitan is no longer on Hulu. The good news - Last Days of Disco is on now on Hulu. I had seen it in the theater years ago and think I enjoyed it more now.
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    Robert McNamara Photo Essay

    By his own admission, a contraversial historical figure. One thing that is not contraversial was his Trad credentials. Soak in the second picture of McNamara and JFK in Hyannis. Natural shoulder nirvana. If someone knows how to post these to the Trad Men thread, please do so.
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    Scouting Report - Club collar on Club Room shirts

    I was killing some time before a meeting today and ducked into a Macy's. They are carrying a nice looking club collared, contrasting collared shirt. The body is blue with white stripes, and the collar is white. It looked like it was end on end fabric, but the sign called it pinpoint. French...