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    AAAC Pet Peeves

    This is addressed in the first clause of my first sentence.
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    AAAC Pet Peeves

    I disagree with everything you wrote, except the second clause of #5. How's that for direct and to-the-point?
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    When will you start wearing your Fall clothes?

    I'm right there with you. I'm not a good summer dresser, and can't wait to layer it on for Fall. I'm pushing it today (65 and rainy) with chinos, polo, Brooks v-neck cotton sweater...even thought it'll be 80 before the day is over.
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    Southern Tailgate Party Attire

    Here in Big Ten country, it's: 1. Chinos, yellow ("maize") BD or polo, navy blue sweater. or 2. Chinos, kelly green Brooks sweater, white BD When #1 plays #2, I go green. We do our tailgates up right: three tents, about 40 regulars and various passers-by. Large spread of...
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    Seasonality of Nantucket (or Breton) Reds

    I'm with you: I'll be the other guy at the tailgate with my reds on. I'll be wearing them into October, to match the leaves on the ground.
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    Summer afternoon (pic)

    I had the same pants on at my club (yes, I joined! thanks for the tip Andy) with a yellow polo, so, yes, love the look.
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    What Is It About Golf...Is Golf TRAD? HELP!

    Where do I start? Let me describe it by simply telling you about the last four times I played: Yesterday: a fundraiser. Played with a good friend and one of his friends. Five hours in the sun, interacting with beautiful scenery, couple of cold beers, followed by dinner with 30 great...
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    Country clubs?

    There are a couple of clubs I'm considering. One falls into the "please join us" category and the other into the "let's take a look at you young man" category. Despite Groucho Marx's dictum, I'm leaning toward the first club, as it's more of a golfer's club and has some of my friends as...
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    Country clubs?

    We are going to be empty-nesters in four short years, so we are looking to add to our social life, and I like all the people I've met so far. Going to play a guest round this afternoon to get a feel for the course. Thanks for your input.
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    Country clubs?

    The buy-in is quite a bit lower here but, alas, no write-off. I still have a bunch of questions but there isn't a big financial downside. Gracian: thanks for the link, in which subgroup would I find such a discussion?
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    Country clubs?

    I'm considering joining one of the two local clubs, but don't have a lot of experience with them. While I understand their relevance for businesspersons (I'm not one), I'd be primarily interested in the golf and the 5-6 annual parties. Maybe some activities for The Gifted Child and The...
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    Unofficial Father's Day Gifts Thread

    New golf shoes (and shot an 88 with them!).
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    Tradly Summer moments back in time

    Do you recall the song that WRIF did to commemorate the closing of the Stroh's plant? (sung to the tune of The Boys of Summer by Don Henley): "I can see you, your brown bottle shining in the sun. My love for you will still be strong, after the brewery on Gratiot is gone..."
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    Tradly Summer moments back in time

    Ellsworth AFB reporting (following training at Fort Harrison, Ind.) though not aircrew. I'll never forget the first time I saw a BUFF take off, seared onto my memory.
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    Trad Forum Mistress

    Pretty much the view of The Lovely and Talented Mrs. Checks as well.
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    Miss Manners - Tradly?

    Her best columns involve putting a snob in his/her place. I think she would love the Tradliness of this forum.
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    Tradly Summer moments back in time

    Nice thought. I'm convinced that is what keeps everything moving forward, despite the cry from the Left and the Right and the terrorists and all of it - somewhere there's a guy watching his kid run through the sprinkler, and I know it's all going to be okay.
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    Miss Manners - Tradly?

    I love Miss Manners - or, rather, her work. There are some real gems in here, including: Q. How do you ask for cash in lieu of gifts for a wedding? A. Sit on the floor with an upside-down hat in front of you. For more, see:
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    Tradly Summer moments back in time

    Spectacular summer weather this year. Re: your beer comment: I find it funny that my upwardly-mobile friends drink effete foreign beers when the Tradley standard has always been a solid can of good old Bud. Weber? Check. Ribs? Check. King of Beers? Check...
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    J Press - made in China