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    rolex vs omega

    Do the folks here that own 300m seamasters have the black faced one or the blue james bond?
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    rolex vs omega

    I have the seamaster but kind of still want the submariner. not really sure why.
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    Help me decide between two watch styles...

    One on the left. I might be willing to take that submariner off your hands. PM me a price :)
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    Ode to the bit loafer (pics)...

    I bought a pair of brown suede this summer. They are my favorite casual shoe now. I am not worried that i wear too much and they won't last very long.
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    dark brown suede shoes in summer

    I have some dark brown suede loafers that i like to wear with stone and white khakis during the warmer months. My wife say they are winter shoes and don't look right. I say they are year round loafers and look great. Who is right?
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    Google Dress code- Eccos VP Shoes?

    I work for one of the other big internet companies. This sounds just like me company.
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    Google Dress code- Eccos VP Shoes? I work for one of the other big internet companies. This sounds just like me company.
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    leatherman ltd

    thanks duck!
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    leatherman ltd

    Call to order or see if they have a distributer in Dal or Houston? I will probably order from sit but would like to see and try on.
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    leatherman ltd

    Does anyone know of a store that sells leatherman ltd belts in Dallas or Houston? I know i can buy them on the site but there are so many choices and it is hard to tell the color.
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    Horse bit loafers?

    I love my Gucci Bit Loafers. Peppy yes, trad no. I have them in dark brown with leather soles. Today i am wearing with levi's 505 and a white ocbd. What does everyone think of them with jeans? I will buy another pair in suede. I am thinking of getting the lug sole. Any other thoughts on...
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    At the bank

    I work at one of the big three internet companies. We are all casual. Everyone outside of sales wears whatever the want. I manage a engineering team and i tried to make them dress nice when meeting with vendors ( i asked that they wear a collar) and almost had a revolt. I have given up. I...
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    Currently spinning in the CD player......

    My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (live) The Slip - Esienhower (Awesome CD) Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
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    Custom-distressed topsiders?

    I will buy them for 40 bucks at dillards. When i was in high school and college JCrew was a huge part of our wardrobe. At that time it was catalog only for me and my friends. I thought of it the same way a did LL Bean. I had the barn jacket, flannel shirts, sweaters, and some pull over...
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    Currently spinning in the CD player......

    Gomez - Out West (live) My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves Tea Leaf Green - Taught to Be Proud Widespread Panic - Weekly MP3 from
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    Tod's driving moc soles

    Is it possible to re-sole Tod's driving shoes? These are my casual shoe of choice when weather permits but they were too expensive to buy another pair. Any one of cheaper suggestions for driving shoes?
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    British country clothing (photos)...

    I can't wait until my Barbour looks like his. I need to know. Do I wax it all the time or never. Also, who makes a good pair of wellington boots?
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    vineyard vine ties during the winter?

    I wear mine year round. My mom usually gives me a VV tie for Christmas. My yellow Lab tie is one of my favorite ties now. I also have many pairs of the VV boxers and i agree that they are the most comfortable ones i own.
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    camelhair sportcoat

    JoS A. Banks has them on sale for $150.00. Any thoughts on quality. Can i wear this with dark grey pants? Thanks for the help, Jac
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    I didn't recognize you!

    You pull off the t-shirt and jeans look very well. What type of jeans are those? If they are 501's, did you buy the pre-shrunk or shrink-to-fit? How much longer do you wear jeans than you do your khakis? I just bought some new 501's. A friend pointed out that i was wearing them way too...