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  1. CAG

    REDUX: W.S.J.: J.C. Penney Chief Thinks Different [interesting read]

    I'm more likely to go there after these changes take place. It'll be nice to know if I'm looking for some staple (like a solid color polo or a pair of Levi's) that it will just be at the best price all the time. Same holds true if I'm looking for some home good. It's a daring move; people...
  2. CAG

    Mother of Pearl Collar Stays

    I use brass. I don't spend extra money on accessories that are never seen by anyone. I also think the "sharp edges" argument is just marketing by people trying to sell $10 collar stays. I've never damaged any shirts with brass stays.
  3. CAG

    Various Allen Edmonds lines

    I can assure you the Duke University School of Medicine isn't lapsing in much, least of all turning out gentlemen like Jimmy.
  4. CAG

    What watches are you wearing?

    The Supreme Court's book includes both.,27077/
  5. CAG

    Are these authentic Ferragamo's?

    They look real to me. I can't immagine fake Ferragamos existing, but if they did, they wouldn't be sold as used shoes. The insole logo looks legit.
  6. CAG

    what do you think of these tie/shirt/trouser combinations?

    I don't care for black shirts with ties, but the first two look OK (the first being my favorite). I do not like the red at all.
  7. CAG

    If Plain Toe shoes are the most formal, then why are they all Bluchers?

    That's what makes this fun! Again, I said "to my eyes" plain looked better than capped with formal wear. I also like navy more than burgandy.
  8. CAG

    If Plain Toe shoes are the most formal, then why are they all Bluchers?

    Honestly, with a suit, I'd say they're about the same (all other things about the shoes being equal). But to my eye, a plain toe looks more formal with black tie. Don't worry, though-I'd still make small talk with a man in cap toes at an event. I haven't looked, but it wouldn't suprise me if...
  9. CAG

    If Plain Toe shoes are the most formal, then why are they all Bluchers?

    I disagree. Formal shoes are plain toe. It's much harder to find a patent cap toe or an opera pump with a cap toe than their plain toe counterparts. The less decoration (and a cap toe, while functional, is still decoration) the more formal the shoe.
  10. CAG

    Misinformation on proper suit jacket length?

    I was taught a jacket should should be at where your fingers meet your palm, when your arms are relaxed. That's just about the same as just long enough to cover your rear. I guess the chart could be benefitial if you were ordering a suit online and had no idea if you were a S,R, or an L. You...
  11. CAG

    Question about shirt tailoring...

    It can look rather feminine, but it doesn't always. Sheriff's uniform shirts, at least anywhere I've ever lived, are darted.
  12. CAG

    Celebrity Apprentice Fashion selection

    That's a show I'd watch. "The Sartorial Apprentice," and Kabbaz could be our Trump. Winner gets a job making shirts.
  13. CAG

    A visit to JAB - Huh?

    Maybe for most, but there are others, like myself, who do appreciate why someone would spend $1000 on a suit, but can't (or, shouldn't). I'm wearing a JAB suit right now. I'll wear a different one tomorrow. I don't expect the staff to know anything other than where my size is on the rack. I...
  14. CAG

    Alterations on a suit

    The Brooks Brothers Suiting Essential line is sold as separates.
  15. CAG

    Wedding Rings

    I wear a pretty plain white gold band with a milgrain edge. I looked at bands with stones, but really couldn't get into it. But I say, if you like stones in your band then get one. There really aren't any reasons other than "it's too flashy" to not get one if you like them.
  16. CAG

    Late Afternoon Wedding Attire

    First, congrats. Of your two options, I'd say a nice dark suit. You could wear black to your own wedding, but if you're going to get a nice suit, it might as well be one you'll wear regulary afterward (assuming, of course, that you don't get fat after getting married :icon_smile_big:). I...
  17. CAG

    Is quality of Allen Edmonds on the decline?

    Well, that makes things more interesting. I only clicked on a few, and they happened to have the same description, so now I just going to say it's that whoever creates the product description got confused by language somewhere that says the shoes are made of imported materials? Just a guess...
  18. CAG

    Is quality of Allen Edmonds on the decline?

    It looks like Nordstrom uses that language so they can use the same manufacturer's description on every Allen Edmonds shoe. The "AE by Allen Edmonds" shoes are made in the Dominican Republic. For what it's worth, the stitching is the same on all my AEs regardless of where they were purchased...
  19. CAG

    Opinions on Facial Hair

    I shave 5 or 6 times a week. Had a dermatologist tell me not to shave every day, but I can't do the one day growth with a suit.
  20. CAG

    Wizard of Aahs suits help

    You can also get a Baroni Prive ( from Jeff. This is a slimmer cut Baroni. I ordered one, but it just didn't fit quite right. He's really easy to work with, and the return went really well. The suits are excellent for their price point.