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  1. FJW

    Orvis Lightweight Tweed Sport Coat

    I've been looking at this tweed sport coat from Orvis for awhile and now have a $50 off when spending $200 coupon. I've purchased alot from Orvis and have yet to be disappointed, but before I take the plunge, has anyone purchased this item and have any feedback they'd like to share...
  2. FJW

    Darn you, Andy!

    Yeah Andy, we need to talk Brief FJW history. I was married in 1984. Our son was born in 1985 and a daughter in 1987. They both went to private (catholic) grammar and high school and then graduated from private colleges. No one has any school loans to pay. Oh, and I live in New Jersey where...
  3. FJW

    Ben Silver Warehouse Sale

    Just received an email from Ben Silver announcing their annual warehouse sale, August 5 and 6. I've made a few on line purchases from past sales, but wondering if anyone has actually been to the warehouse?
  4. FJW

    Flannel Lined Seersucker

    All right,,,It's May 16th and it was 44 degrees this morning at the Jersey shore and may be colder tomorrow morning. Factor in the 20-25 mph winds and it felt like mid November. The seersucker and madras shirts are hanging in my closet all ready to go but I wore my flannel lined chinos this...
  5. FJW

    Brooks Brothers Christmas Corduroys

    After last Christmas, I purchased a pair of BB cords that were embroidered with their signature pig wearing a santa cap. They were $38 and figured I would wear them this Christmas. The weather report for New Jersey on Christmas day is sunny and 60+ degrees. UGH!
  6. FJW

    Johnny Carson Suits

    Anyone remember Johnny Carson suits? I owned several, probably 3-4, back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. They were suit separates with a vest and pretty sure they retailed for $99.00. Not sure what size I was back then, but they fit me like a glove and wore them right off the rack.
  7. FJW

    AAAC Brooks Brothers Corporate Card

    I just noticed my AAAC Brooks Corporate card expires in August. Will a new one automatically be sent or is there some other process/form I need to be aware of? Thanks
  8. FJW

    Ben Silver Free Shipping Monday 12.1.14

    Ben Silver is offering free shipping today, December 1st, only. Use code CYBER14
  9. FJW

    Jos A Bucks $59.99

    Jos A has their Bucks on sale for $59.99. They had been on sale for $89.99 the last few weeks so I don't know how long this will last. But for the few times I would wear white bucks I may have to bite.
  10. FJW

    Hunter and Coggins- Asheville, NC

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Hunter and Coggins a men's store in Asheville, NC In doing an internet search for a wheat color blazer, their name popped up. Thanks
  11. FJW

    Orvis Ultimate Khakis On Sale through May 18th

    Orvis Ultimate Khakis...Buy two pairs save $47. About a 24% discount
  12. FJW

    Jos A Weighs Eddie Bauer Purchase Hoping to Stay Independent, Jos. A. Bank Is Said to Hold Merger Talks With Eddie Bauer By As Jos. A. Bank continues to rebuff a hostile takeover bid by Men’s...
  13. FJW

    Ben Silver Warehouse Sale starts February 3

    Ben Silver Warehouse Sale Starting February 3rd
  14. FJW

    Orvis English Brogue Boot On Sale Plus 20% Off

    For a limited time with limited sizes plus an additional 20%
  15. FJW

    Anyone remove elbow patches from a tweed sport jacket?

    I'm looking at a couple of tweed jackets on EBay that have elbow patches and I'm not a big fan. Has anyone removed the patches? If so, was it visible? Could you see a difference in the fabric where the patch was? Thanks--
  16. FJW

    Esquire TV Ben Silver Video Clip

    This is an Esquire TV (formerly The Style Network) clip featuring Ben Silver...
  17. FJW

    VAT Tax And Shipping To USA

    I'd like to purchase the Barbour Dunmoor vest and have found a UK website that does not charge the VAT on shipments to non-EU countries. That's good, but they are pretty vague about taxes, custom charges and import duties that may or may apply. Does anyone have any insight on...
  18. FJW

    Jos A Microfiber Sportcoat

    Had some goofing off time this afternoon and came across this microfiber sportcoat from Jos A. I'd like to add one to the sportcoat collection and will probably only wear it in the truly casual sense. For $34.80 can I go wrong...
  19. FJW

    AE Wilbert vs LaSalle

    I've been looking at the AE Wilbert and just about to take the plunge but see that Nordstrom's has the AE LaSalle on sale for $196 during their anniversary sale. They're somewhat similar in appearance. Can anyone offer their thoughts on either shoe? Thanks-- Also, how does the AE warehouse...
  20. FJW

    Orvis Tent Sale Gokey Boat shoes

    Orvis Tent Sale-- Gokey Boat shoes $111. Not sure of sizes. Orvis Tent Sale Gokey Boat shoes