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    Charlotte thrift spots

    Hey guys I'm in Charlotte celebrating with family this week. Could yall point me to a couple good spots. Ill be in belmont and Mathews area today and tomorrow.
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    Vintage Automatic Watch Service

    I need to get my 1980's Seiko Diver serviced but every jeweler around here charges $150 and they send it off. Surely y'all can point me toward someone that can service it for less than $100--maybe even $50.
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    Deleting pictures

    How do I delete picture out of manager attachments to get more room?
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    Leather Jacket

    I am thinking about investing in a timeless leather jacket. I have seen a few Vanson's that I like--AR2, Model B and Comet all in brown of course. Any other makers and models I should look into?
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    Allen Edmonds Macneil Shell Cordovan

    I have a pair of Macneils in Size 10 D that aren't the best fit. I am looking to trade for a 10.5 D pair. These have very little wear--you can still see the genuine shell cordovan stamp on the ball.
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    Please help me identify these

    I bought these shell longwings recently and could not figure out the brand. Please look at the pictures and let me know. Uploaded with
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    Alden LHS 986 #8 Pre-Recraft Question?

    Should I go with the Natural Sole Edge Dressing or Antique on these #8s?
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    BB Tassel Shell Loafers Model 772

    I have a pair of the above that are 2 or 3 years old. They have developed a drying crack in the leather on the side toe of the right shoe. I have other BB Shells that are older and I have not had any problem. All of my shoes are placed in shoe trees after every wearing and are taken good care...
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    Hallmark Watch

    I have a Hallmark Swiss Made Mechanical watch from the 40's or 50's that needs to be serviced. Does anyone know someone who would do it for less than $50?
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    Alden LHS

    I am looking at purchasing my first pair of Alden LHS in Burgundy. I usually wear a size 10.5. I have had 6 pair of lace up alden and they are all various sizes. The pair that fit me the best are my 10.5 911 Burnished Tan Medallion Cap Toes. I also have a pair of 10.5 994 Burgundy Saddle...
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    Help identifying the maker of these shoes.

    I know they are English made, but that is as far as it goes. Here they are:
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    Help identifying the maker of these shoes.

    I know they are English made, but that is as far as it goes. Here they are:
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    A Whaler Sweater

    I picked up a gray Stevenage Knitting Co Ltd A Whaler Sweater and was wondering if any body knew anything about the company. Well, does anyone have anything to add?
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    Stretching Older shell

    What would be the most you think one could stretch an old pair of shells? Width and length?
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    Old Shell

    How would one remove, banish or hide the scuffs and cuts on older #8 shell, the ones that show the natural leather color? The reason I ask is that I found a pair of Hanover LB Sheppard Signature PTB Burgundy shells at the thrift in NO Thursday and they are in great condition for being 50+ years...
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    Help with this Jacket

    The is a 2 silver button, one sleeve button, darted, navy, flannel wool blazer with patch pockets. The only identifying things are the tags shown in the following pictures. It fits like a glove and looks really nice, but looks can be deceiving. What do I have here?
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    USN G1 Flying Mans Leather Bomber Jacket

    Does any one know how to tell what year the jackets were made?
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    J&M Frank Brothers Shoes

    Are these any good?
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    Fair Price for a used pair of Alden #8 Shell Monk Straps?

    What do y'all think would be a fair price to pay for a pair of monk straps good used condition fitting the above description?
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    Undyed Shell Cordovan

    I have seen a pair of boots by a Japanese Company in Undyed shell cordovan before. I recently went looking for a picture of undyed shell and cannot find any. Would anyone know where specifically I can look (I have done several google searches)? If anyone has a picture please post.