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    Anyone manage to wear these without feeling you will soon be in need of a hip replacement? What's the secret? I like them, but are there any inserts that have helped? Or does one just suffer for style?
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    Anyone own Timberland brown Classic 2 Eye Boat Shoe

    Can't wear the Sperry's AO and the Docksides. I feel like I'm walking barefoot and after a couple of hours my hip hurts. Does anyone own these? I like the brown with the white sole, but will they feel like wearing the others? I have the Perth, which are comfortable, but I want a brown and white...
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    Collar Pins

    I've become enamored of collar pins: I have one shirt with collar holes and have been just poking the pin through some of my older dress shirts. But has anyone heard of a tailor who might put in collar holes? My tailor didn't want to give it a try.
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    Walking Shoes

    Looking for a good pair of walking shoes. Suggestions?
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    Searching for blue sack suit

    Looking to find a vintage blue sack in 42, 43 or 44. If spotted flying around anywhere please inform. Thanks
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    Looking for Sack Suits

    Any 3-2 suits out there? 42, 43 or 44?
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    Anyone own an O'Connell's OCBD

    How do the O'Connell's OCBD compare to Brooks' slimfit OCBD?
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    Bush 41 and the Watchband
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    Wonderful Photo Array NY Times Fascinating. Comments?
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    Allen-Edmonds, Sebago and Central Watch

    Had to go to NYC for business and stopped by the AE on Madison and tried on about 30 pairs of shoes so they can send me a pair to replace my pair that were ruined during recrafting. Here are the 2 I'm considering. The first one in Merlot, the second in brown. Opinions? Then I made a stop...
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    Sebago Tassels

    Reminds me of the old Bass style. Any opinions?
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    LE Penny Loafers

    Anyone ever try these on or buy a pair?
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    Allen-Edmonds Disaster Update

    These showed up today: Lovely shoes but they didn't fit, so back they went. Next up I'm being sent these in suede: If that doesn't work out I have to be in NYC in Mid Nov, and I'll go to one of the AE stores and try on shoes until I find a pair that fits. AE seemed more helpful this time...
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    Allen-Edmonds Grayson with suit

    Would you wear this with a suit?
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    Allen-Edmonds Disaster

    I sent my beloved beef-roll pennies to A-E for recrafting, and I got a call today that they were destroyed. Sounds silly but it bothered me: I really liked those shoes. Their offer was to send me another pair. Of course, mine were discontinued, so they are sending me these: I'm not sure I'll...
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    Trip to O'Connell's Had a little trouble posting the pic so here is the link of me peeking over the clothes at OC while Ethan Huber, second-generation owner and one of the nicest, and most knowledgeable fellows I've met, checks out a few things. Wanted...
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    LE Winter Chinos

    See other thread
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    Paul Newman Trad

    Note how wide the lapels are and how narrow the tie. Width is supposed to match but in the best GTH they do not. Bravo! Relaxing at home, 1962. Looks like penny loafers to me, and the appropriate dark socks.
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    Searching for a navy sack blazer

    This is harder than I imagined. After getting incredibly lucky with a camel hair sack blazer, I've found nothing but--how shall we say this--garbage. I'm a 42 so there should be some stuff out there, right? I know there's a Southwick on e-bay, but those shoulders look a little narrow--18.5 is a...
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    LL Bean Allagash Just bought these, and I'm wearing them around the office. Not the nicest looking shoes I own, but for the moment they are certainly among the most...