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    Naked Watch Co. is not the same as
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    Free Watch Strap!!!!

    Please take a minute to visit the NakedWatch(TM) ad in Andy's Recommended Links section. When you purchase a watch you will receive a free strap!! Please reference that you heard about us on Ask Andy, and specify the strap choice you want, to take advantage of this great deal. The...
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    Age? Favorite magazine for fashion? Average amount you spend on a watch? Do you ever buy something based on a review you've read in a "New Products" column? Why or why not? The NakedWatch(TM) Company
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    Your opinions please!!

    After receiving some very good advice the last time I posted, I have decided to take a different approach in trying to market our watches and I am once again asking for your advice. The owner of The NakedWatch(TM) Company thinks that one of the best ways to get a lot of publicity, without...
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    What are your favorite magazines?

    No message.
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    Gold buttons on a blazer are out!

    Hey P.J., sorry for the sarcastic reply, just not having a good day today. Truth be told, I'm glad you noticed it and said something, even though it ticked me off at first. At least only a few people saw it. The NakedWatch(TM) Company
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    Gold buttons on a blazer are out!

    I took your ADVICE. Thank you so much for the great ADVICE. Most people would have just laughed and gone on, but you took time out of your day to pass on this helpful ADVICE. The NakedWatch(TM) Company
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    The NakedWatch(TM)

    Thank you to all that have responded.
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    The NakedWatch(TM)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and am searching for some advice. I am a sales representative for the NakedWatch(TM) Co.,, and we are trying to expand our business. We do most of it through our website now, and we are having a really difficult time breaking into the...