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    Waistband question for the tailors - should this be so expensive?

    You want to sew the strips onto the hip area. From a spot over the center crease to midway point over the back pocket or between the back darts if there are two darts. Don't put it all the way around the waistband. This only requires a basic hand stitch, nothing fancy. If you are not...
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    Purchasing an odd jacket for better restaurants?

    Look for cloth with surface texture or a discreet pattern. Smoother the texture the dressier the cloth and the jacket will appear more suit like. Nothing with a high contrast pattern. Wear a dark trouser. Monochromatic color scheme will dress the look up. Wear a lighter contrasting trouser to...
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    Question about "+1"

    "sweet" is the new "nice"
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    Canali Messes Up My Suit - Seeking Tailoring Advice

    What adjustments did you ask them to make?
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    Canali Messes Up My Suit - Seeking Tailoring Advice

    Have you seen a doctor about that cough? If the sleeves are cut from the same piece of cloth as your suit, color match is a non issue. If not, sending a swatch or even 1 yard of cloth to Rosens would verify the match. The store tailor could cut the new sleeves himself using the old sleeves...
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    Canali Messes Up My Suit - Seeking Tailoring Advice

    One missing bit of information. Did Rosen specify not to cut the butonholes on the order and Canali missed it or did Rosen forget to specify. That will clarify who is responsible. You have the option of shortening the sleeves from the top. I would be clear that if it is not up to your...
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    Waist alteration

    The jacket will be taken in on the side seams. center back seam can also be taken in. if the jacket has always been big in the chest and shoulders it will appear even larger after taking in the body. Giving shape to the waist will not guarantee style. It will not change the silhouette of...
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    first MTM suit

    You did not specify if you are getting belt loops or not. If you don't get loops, side straps with a D buckle is nice. You guys who are getting vests at a later date need to have the cloth set aside. The obvious reason being that the cloth may be sold out by time you want the vest but also to...
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    Fishtail Backs

    To expand on the purpose of the high back. When buildings were not heated well and vests were common, men complained of feeling a draft while sitting at a desk. The high back was designed to fill the gap between trouser and vest and add a bit of warmth. Many design elements have pragmatic origins.
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    Fishtail Backs

    It keeps your shirt from showing when sitting or bending while wearing a vest.
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    Length of Fabric Needed for an Overcoat?

    Cutting with a waist seam will not increase or decrease the amount of cloth needed. Go with the yardage reccomendation from the tailor who is making the coat.
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    Jacket "enclosure" problem

    It is also a matter of styling. The fronts don't look to be short or hiking up on you so I can't say the jacket is out of balance from your photo. A tailor could reshape and recut the fronts from the buttonhole down if you wanted open quarters.
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    Length of Fabric Needed for an Overcoat?

    If the cloth has a nap and needs to be cut 1 way or a raglan sleeve or a repeating pattern, it would require extra yardage. If the coat is large it would take one length for the front with side, another length for the back and facing and then the sleeves and top collar. Cutting with this...
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    Trip to Chicago

    If you haven't booked yet, check out last minute deals on American Airlines or Travelocity. You will find airfare, hotel, and car, if you need one, all for one very reasonable price. The best deal going. depending on how busy the city is over the specific weekend you will have many choices for...
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    Frank Shattuck MTM

    I cut my MTM. Go ahead and argue. Then I have Frank alter it. See, its a perfect world.
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    Doing an apprenticeship

    I just googled "sewing schools" and there were tons of links. Maybe not tailoring schools but places you can learn basics of sewing or design.
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    Doing an apprenticeship

    Seems easier moving to Austin, TX than Naples, Italy. Have you talked to or met any tailors in your vicinity? The CTDA will have a list of members in MA. Even if the tailor you meet has nothing for you, he may know someone who could help you. Take a class thru a local fabric store or...
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    Those New Sutor Buckle Ankle boots from STP

    I guess some people don't care what they wear! Do they have them in a size 9?