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    Spier & Mackay

    I purchased a nice pair of flannel pants last year from Spier & Mackay. They fit me well and I like the material. I'd like to get a few more pairs, but in the times I've checked over the past 6 months, they seem to have very few sizes in stock of their flannel and tweed pants. I've just sent an...
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    Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

    I'm looking to purchase a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. Trying to decide between the traditional Mackinaw or the Double Mackinaw. I live in upstate NY, but am concerned that the Double might be too heavy as I'm not planning to use it for hunting/camping. I'm thinking the Double would be too warm...
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    Where do you guys store your rubbers?

    Overshoes that is. :icon_smile_big: I'm considering purchasing some overshoes to protect my shoes in bad weather. When you walk into a building/office and you take them off, where do you store them? Do you carry a plastic bag and put them in there?
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    Question about Quality Tassle Loafers

    I have a pair of Bass tassle loafers that I bought prior to finding these forums. I don't wear them much, but I've noticed that the tassels have worn a lighter line in the burgundy colored leather. The swinging back and forth of the tassle has worn away the dark burgundy and left a slightly...
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    LE Year Rounders Flat Front Tailored Fit?

    Are these available through LE? While I saw plenty of traditional fit FF year rounders, I couldn't find the tailored version. Any help?