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  1. FJW

    What’re the best khakis for someone interested in so-called “Ivy style”

    Since we're all different body types, the best khakis are the ones that fit you the best.
  2. FJW

    Trad in the movies.

    Yes it is, Tim Daly... Also Mickey O'Rourke, Daniel Stern, Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser and Steve Guttenberg
  3. FJW

    LL Bean - What do you like / dislike from them?

    Love their Double L Chinos. Wish they made then cuffed. Not a fan of their Wrinkle Free Shirts. They have a very stiff (too stiff feel) and because of it the collars tend to...
  4. FJW

    Opinions on Ben Silver

    Pretty much agree with all about Ben Silver. I've bought several sweaters,pocket squares and ties through the years but always during their annual warehouse sale. I've been to the store a few times and was happy with their service. One plus for me is that offer pre-folded linen pocket squares. :)
  5. FJW

    Pocket Square Ponderings

    For the lazy among us, me included, Ben Silver has several pre-folded pocket squares in several colors.,4736.html And I always try to carry a clean handkerchief in my jacket pocket.
  6. FJW

    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    The word impressive doesn't even come close in describing that collection.
  7. FJW

    I Think We Need A Dedicated Pizza Thread

    I was young and very naive when I went to college. My roommates and I went out for pizza one night and one of them order anchovies. Well, I thought it was an Italian vegetable...really, I did. When I tasted it, I looked at him and said "it tastes like fish." And he said in words I can't repeat...
  8. FJW

    I Think We Need A Dedicated Pizza Thread

    When I was just out of college and trying to live on my own, my go to Friday night meal was Stouffer's French Bread pizza. I looked forward to it all week long. And after many slices of pizza later I can say without a doubt "That I've never had a bad slice of pizza but some were better than...
  9. FJW

    Mismatched socks

    Yes, I have and commented not to worry as I have an identical pair at home.
  10. FJW

    The Shooting Thread

    Jed Clampett always said that shooting skeet was barely worth the trouble since there was hardly any meat on them to eat.
  11. FJW

    What are You Watching / Enjoying on TV?

    I'm a big Cary Grant fan so I'd have to say "North By Northwest" or "Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House".
  12. FJW

    What are You Watching / Enjoying on TV?

    My wife and I complain about the cost of our cable/Internet bill every month since we generally watch 80 year old movies on TCM.
  13. FJW

    Are collegiate sweatshirts Trad?

    I think it's only Trad if the sweatshirt is grey with the only college name printed on the front. Hoodies do not count as do any color other than grey. IMHO
  14. FJW

    Solving Trad avatar anxiety

    There's allot of wisdom in those eyes.
  15. FJW


    I purchased a Stihl electric trimmer 3 years ago. I would go through at least one Home Depot/Toro type trimmer a year and one of the reason I did (I think) is that the motor was at the trimming end and would accumulate dirt and after awhile, the motor would konk out. This Stihl model has the...
  16. FJW

    Why You Should Always Dress Up for a Flight

    There is/was a thread similar to this somewhere on AAAC and I think it was the OP who mentioned that when wearing a suit or sport coat when flying allows you to empty your pockets of keys, money, watch, etc into your coat pockets and not into the trays. You can then just put your coat into the...
  17. FJW

    Orvis Lightweight Tweed Sport Coat

    Thanks...good to know. I'm still contemplating.
  18. FJW

    Orvis Lightweight Tweed Sport Coat

    I've been looking at this tweed sport coat from Orvis for awhile and now have a $50 off when spending $200 coupon. I've purchased alot from Orvis and have yet to be disappointed, but before I take the plunge, has anyone purchased this item and have any feedback they'd like to share...
  19. FJW

    Ben Silver Warehouse sale

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think they open the warehouse for a day or two prior to having the on-line sale. I was just in Charleston last weekend just prior to Florence hitting the coast. I purchased a bow tie and pocket squares from the store on King St.
  20. FJW

    Who picks out your clothes?

    I pick them out although I will sometimes look at my wife for her approval. One thing though, after 30+ years of marriage she finally realizes that when I say I need a new shirt. I'm not saying a need a 'new shirt' but saying I need a new shirt just like the old one I'm replacing. One can...