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    Country clubs?

    I'm considering joining one of the two local clubs, but don't have a lot of experience with them. While I understand their relevance for businesspersons (I'm not one), I'd be primarily interested in the golf and the 5-6 annual parties. Maybe some activities for The Gifted Child and The...
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    Miss Manners - Tradly?

    I love Miss Manners - or, rather, her work. There are some real gems in here, including: Q. How do you ask for cash in lieu of gifts for a wedding? A. Sit on the floor with an upside-down hat in front of you. For more, see:
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    Any thoughts on Sebago penny?

    I found a pair of NOS Sebago loafers. I'm assuming they're NOS because they're made in the US. Price $128.00 Any thoughts on these re: quality? I have a pair of Bass but I'm inclined to get these too. Many thanks.
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    Things that I love about TODAY'S Brooks Brothers

    Okay, I know that many people - particularly those of a certain, ah, vintage - think that BB is terrible. I don't. I love Brooks. The Brooks of right now. Here are some things I love: 1. The terrific tie collection. Really, guys, there's nothing to fault there, is there? 2. The...
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    Marshalls is blowing out their Pantherellas. I found them at one store for $2/pair, and at another store for $7/pair. Also picked up a pair of Coach gloves for $16 (retail $168).
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    Share your thoughts on college

    Perhaps sadly, the crazy college admissions game now demands that 9th graders plan their studies with an eye toward where they will attend college. For example, admission at a highly selective liberal arts college means taking foreign language four years, etc., so we've begun planning now...