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    dark brown suede shoes in summer

    I have some dark brown suede loafers that i like to wear with stone and white khakis during the warmer months. My wife say they are winter shoes and don't look right. I say they are year round loafers and look great. Who is right?
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    Google Dress code- Eccos VP Shoes?

    I work for one of the other big internet companies. This sounds just like me company.
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    Google Dress code- Eccos VP Shoes? I work for one of the other big internet companies. This sounds just like me company.
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    leatherman ltd

    Does anyone know of a store that sells leatherman ltd belts in Dallas or Houston? I know i can buy them on the site but there are so many choices and it is hard to tell the color.
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    Tod's driving moc soles

    Is it possible to re-sole Tod's driving shoes? These are my casual shoe of choice when weather permits but they were too expensive to buy another pair. Any one of cheaper suggestions for driving shoes?
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    camelhair sportcoat

    JoS A. Banks has them on sale for $150.00. Any thoughts on quality. Can i wear this with dark grey pants? Thanks for the help, Jac
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    Texas Trad:Khakis with Boots???

    Growing up in Texas I have seen boots (western boots) worn with everything from suits to khakis. I just got a nice new pair of boots that i want to wear all the time. Is it a good or bad look to wear boots with khakis. Flat front Bills with Luchesse Lizard boots.
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    Polo shirts and undershirts

    I wear a lot of polo shirts during the summmer due to the brutal Texas heat. I usualy go without an undershirt. My wife pointed out that lighter color shirts you can see my chest hair through it. I wear v-necks with my sports shirts/dress shirts. Does it look OK to wear a v-neck with polo...
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    What seasons for dirty bucs

    What seasons are dirty bucs appropriate season? I have heard fall and spring but still see them in the winter. Today is a cold day here and they nice warm shoe.
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    gucci loafers, yea or nah

    I really want a pair of the Gucci bit loafers. How is the quality compared to Alden or AE? I have a couple of pairs of Tod's and for the price I now wish I had bought some more classic Alden's or AE's. I don't want to have the same buyer remorse with the Gucci’s. What is the general...
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    Boat Shoes

    I am 32 and have started wearing boat shoes again. I loved them as a kid and now love them as an adult. What brand do people like the best? Do you wear them year-round or just for the summer? I have Sperry Makos and they are very comfortable. They are my casual shoe of choice these...
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    Reaction to negative comments about clothes

    I tend to dress trad. Today I wore jeans, Orvis button down, Orvis belt, and dirty bucks. This is almost dressed up at my office (large internet company). Most guys have on shorts and t-shirts. Someone made a joke about my shoes. He said something about the 80s being back in style. The guy...
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    Regional Styles

    I was wondering if anyone has any examples of regional styles. These are things that don’t always transcend across state lines. I had never seen men wear Nantucket reds until my sister moved to Greenwich. Growing up in Texas guys like to wear Redwing work boots (pull up ones) with nice...
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    Dirty brown bucs

    I have a pair of dirty brown bucs that I really like. My wife thinks sweade is a winter shoe and I think of bucs as a summer shoe. Are we both correct? Can i wear them year round?
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    tods driving shoes

    My work environment is very casual. Many wear jeans and t-shirts. I have two pairs of tods driving shoes that I wear a lot, usually with my khakis. So I have a few questions. 1.) any other tods fans out there. 2.) what are the "rules' for driving shoes. 3.) Any experience with other good...
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    Belt straps for silver belt buckle

    My wife got me a silver monogrammed belt buckle a while back. I have had a hard time finding a 1 1/4th inch strap. I know that Ben Silver has this size in the alligator strap but not sure what size the leather strap is.
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    Bills Khakis

    I have only recently discovered Bills Khakis (I know, I am way behind on this) and I love them. Do most gentlemen here choose cuffs for their Khakis? I just got two pairs tailored and did one with and one without. Also, does any one have a preference in the M1 style vs. the M2 STYLE?
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    I work at an internet company where there is no dress code. I am American trad in style but need to dress casual to not set my self off from coworkers. I wear Bills Khakis (plug for best khakis ever) knit shirts and loafers or driving shoes most days. I am thinking of adding Sperry top-siders...