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    grooming Hair Gel that won't attract insects?

    Every hair gel I have tried seems to attract insects. Anybody know of brand that doesn't. Thanks. M8
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    Went over there to take a look and registered under a different pseudonym, made no posts. Seems like the place is run by women that have a very PC/feminist outlook towards men. Also appears that there is not a lot of activity, and what little there is tends to be from a younger crowd. I had...
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    Leather glove recommendations

    I'd like a recommendation(s) for leather gloves. I would like them to be brown, but black or very deep blue like the old calf-skins I used to see would be okay too. I need the leather skin to be thin and close to the fingers so that I can actually do things with my fingers while wearing the...
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    Oldest Winery in the Americas

    Just got back from there on Saturday. You can read about the adventure at where I post as Pedro Navaja.
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    Trip Report: A ride into Mexico

    Thought some of you might enjoy my latest motorcycle adventure ==> Cuatrocienegas
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    Allen Edmonds in Las Vegas. Where?

    I am headed to Las Vegas today. I would like to know where I can purchase some Allend Edmond shoes while I am there. Preferably at locations off the strip where the prices aren't jacked up for tourists. I will be online when I get there. Thanks in advance, M8
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    Changing fashion sense...

    I may be reverting to slobdom, or is it slobhood? I've been spending so much time abroad in crap holes, that my outlook on clothing is changing. When I am abroad it's simply trash clothes. My usual ensemble is cheap khakis, a lightweight long-sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled, NB walking...
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    Online Shopping - Try this... Interesting. I was in Orlando this weekend and my wife caught this in the newspaper while there with me. M8
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    Leftist win in Australia
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    Jos. Banks Leather Aviators...

    Anybody own one of these leather aviator jackets from Jos. Banks? There's a sale on until Dec 2 and I have been looking for something to wear when riding my motorcycle (at low velocity, I wear an abrasion suit if I am on highways). Thanks, M8
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    How many infraction points do you have?

    How many infraction points do you have? I now have two. Both from the sterilization thread. This is good stuff, now I can actually see my virtual police record, unlike my real police record, or CIA file :icon_smile_big: M8
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    Hat size and motorcycle helmets...

    I just ordered a Shoei motorcycle helmet. What a dilemma, as I am caught between hat sizes of their M and L sizes. I went with the L. Anyone experienced challenges on helmet fitting? M8 P.S. Also left this message over at Fedora Lounge
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    grooming Redken Shampoo?

    I'm looking for info on these products. What's the big deal with the shampoo, any good, what's the difference? Is it worth the cost? Thanks, M8
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    Men's Vogue, a Liberal Rag...

    I subscribed to this magazine after reading the first issue. Luckily my payment was only made with some orphaned airline miles. The magazine is obviously a Liberal rag. Edwards is on the latest cover, and the many "green" articles as well as many of the people they profile are in the Left...
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    A Visit to Dillard's

    (why do I do this to myself?) M8: Do you have any suits or sport coats with full floating canvas, these all appear fused? Salesman: No, but they do come loose after a few years, so kinda the same thing. Right? M8: That's the problem I am trying to avoid, which is why I purchase floating...
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    Sports Coat Recommendation...

    I'm more of a suit guy, but am interested now in getting a quality sports coat. Any recommendations? Looking for full floating canvas, under $1k. Brick & mortar locations, Houston. Cheers, M8
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    Rope Shoulders on Canali Suits

    I saw this today while shopping and I absolutely HATE it! M8
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    Closet Recommendations?

    Gents, I am looking for a stand-alone closet/armoir. I 'd like a new one that is functional and is a high quality piece of furniture. Preferably cedar-lined. No antiques. The space should be sufficient to hang my new suits as I upgrade my clothing line, my shirts, ties, and storage for...
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    Porsche Roll Call...Need info

    One of my '07 objectives is to buy a new Toyota Corolla for my local driving, and a Porsche Turbo Carerra for my hobby car. Not sure if I will go with new or used on the Porsche yet. I'd like to hear comments from past and present owners. I've started some research over the last couple of...
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    A rant about Jos. Banks and Rolex...

    I recently purchased a Traveler series shirt from Jos. Banks. French cuffs, spread collar, white. These shirts keep their press (for men who travel), which is what attracted me to make the purchase. After one trip to the laundry the shirt came back with the collar-stay pockets damaged. Looks...