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    Brooks Brothers OCBD Sale

    Looks like its not available anymore, I'm just seeing 25% off when you buy three or more.
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    Ask a Trad Question & Get Answer: Quick Q&A

    Anybody know if O'Connell's has some discount codes for Cyber Monday?
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    Thin and Athletic built guys - Do you wear 'traditional cut' OCBD shirts?

    I don't remember seeing any photos in Take Ivy with that full of a fit to be honest.
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    New Kamakura "Sport" line with unlined collars

    When you say narrow yoke are you referring to the width or height?
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    New Kamakura "Sport" line with unlined collars

    What's the collar point length?
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    Brooks Brothers shirt

    That would explain why there is no 'makers' written on the label and yes the blue label identifies it as a lightweight ocbd.
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    Brooks Brothers shirt

    Does it have 6 or 7 buttons?
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    Brooks Brothers OCBD Overpriced

    They don't sell enough traditional fits to warrant carrying all the colour options, but they are available in the other three fits.
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    Brooks Brothers OCBD Overpriced

    This. I would also consider Mercer and Michael Spencer as MTO not MTM. The fits are exactly the same. Are you talking about the old ones or the new ones? Because the colour and pattern selection has more than doubled on the new ones compared to what was previously available.
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    Duck Head returns (again)?

    If that wasn't enough the front rise is comically low. The only thing I can applaud them for is publishing the product measurements on the website, something every manufacturer should do.
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    Duck Head returns (again)?

    They messed up the logo on the back of the chinos again, will they ever learn?
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    Jamieson sweaters

    No, the J. Press mainline Shaggy Dog sweaters are made by Laurence Odie (LOKL).
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    Surcingle Belt with Dark Brown Tab

    I'm glad that I could help. They're the only ones I've found that have a proper Ivy style rounded buckle, all the others I've tried (including Eliza B/Leatherman) are much too square. Ox, not all of them are 1.5" wide, actually most of them aren't: Surcingle: 1.25" Belgian Surcingle: 1.375"...
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    Surcingle Belt with Dark Brown Tab

    Barrons-Hunter without a doubt, they make the best surcingle belts.
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    The likely end of BB ocbd shirts for me

    That's hilarious, coming from the guy who just took the time to write a post informing everyone he won't be buying from BB anymore (and apparently its not the first time either).
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    That's a ridiculous statement.
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    Why BB shirt yokes are so narrow?

    That's because the tags on the older BB shirts were shorter. What I've noticed instead is that the yokes up until the late 70s/early 80s were much narrower horizontally (shoulder seam to shoulder seam).
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    Baracuta G9 style jacket and color?

    Agreed, the current G9 Baracuta cut is ridiculous.
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    AE Calfskin MacNeil being discontinued?

    Yep, the only thing we can do is wait and see. It would be weird for them to change the last on such an iconic shoe, as Barrister mentioned they've been making it for ages. Also there isn't much difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 models, the last is the same, just different outsoles and the...
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    AE Calfskin MacNeil being discontinued?

    It was a great deal indeed, unfortunately my size was not available. Agreed. They might do what they did with the Patriot loafer and just keep the shell version. It would be a real shame since these are two of the most "trad/ivy" styles they offer and are a good alternative to the much more...