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    Resume Entry when Laid Off

    Well, in what is really a blessing in disguise I have been laid off. For those of you who peruse resumes on a regular basis, what should I put for my latest employment entry? Just list my end date of employment and let the topic come up if it does in the interview or should I put a more overt...
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    What is this in Donald Sutherland's Lapel Hole?

    What's that little red string?
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    Crocket and Jones Size Recommendation

    I wear an 11 1/2 in AE Cliftons (last #8). I am looking at the C&J Drummond which is on their 348 last. Should I just go one size down or would an 11 be better? Thanks!
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    C&J Beechnet With Charcoal?

    C&J Beechnut With Charcoal? I'm looking for a shoe to wear with charcoal trousers. I was originally going to get a dark brown but am also looking at the C&J Drummond in Beechnut. Is this color dark enough? Thanks.
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    Plaid or Striped School Tie?

    I'm talking to David Hober about doing a tie in Carnegie Mellon colors. I have been looking for something of better quality than what is sold in the book store and they are currently expanding their university selection, so the timing worked out well. CMU has both school colors in cardinal...
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    Need a Watch For My Wife

    I need a watch in the $100-$150 range for my wife. She likes silver and prefers something relatively simple. What do you guys think of ESQ watches? There are a few on Overstock. Something like this...