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    Free Watch Strap!!!!

    Please take a minute to visit the NakedWatch(TM) ad in Andy's Recommended Links section. When you purchase a watch you will receive a free strap!! Please reference that you heard about us on Ask Andy, and specify the strap choice you want, to take advantage of this great deal. The...
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    Age? Favorite magazine for fashion? Average amount you spend on a watch? Do you ever buy something based on a review you've read in a "New Products" column? Why or why not? The NakedWatch(TM) Company
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    Your opinions please!!

    After receiving some very good advice the last time I posted, I have decided to take a different approach in trying to market our watches and I am once again asking for your advice. The owner of The NakedWatch(TM) Company thinks that one of the best ways to get a lot of publicity, without...
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    The NakedWatch(TM)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and am searching for some advice. I am a sales representative for the NakedWatch(TM) Co.,, and we are trying to expand our business. We do most of it through our website now, and we are having a really difficult time breaking into the...