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    Terry Cloth Robe

    I think I want one. I have a silk robe and a cotton bath robe but they are too thin and light weight. I want a terry cloth bath robe that feels like a great, heavy sweatshirt. Anyone know a brand or store to find this? Is this what I want or is there something else to consider?
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    Ricky Riccardo Style

    Just watched an episode of "I Love Lucy". Ricky Riccardo certainly had his own look. Broad, square shoulders, V shape, close on the hip, straight fronts, TV fold pocket square were his signature look. The jackets always fit perfectly. Regardless of how he moved, the collar hugs his neck. The...
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    Horizontal striped neckwear

    Saw a Jimmy Stewart film from 1959 and noticed a horizontal striped knit tie on one of the actors, so I know this style has been around a while. I have a few horizontal striped ties and could not categorize the styling. Are they classic, cyclically trendy, fashionable, conservative...
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    Despos Wrap Coat & The Male Super Model w/pics

    Finaly took some pictures of the wrap coat from Sophistication's request. I like to find garments with an historical relevance that are not seen today and create them with a modern feel.The modern touch is using a 12 oz cashmere, more jacket weight than topcoat weight. Its perfect for running...
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    G.D.L.D stage hostile takeover of Franco/Kabbaz

    Messrs Gilchrist, Di Pietropaolo, Logsdail and Despos have staged a hostile takeover after evidence had been dicscovered that the ateliers of the Kabbaz/ Franco organization are just a front . A recent visit to 510 Madison revealed a vacant building. Further investigations discovered the...
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    Anyone else watching Project Runway?

    I've been watching both seasons the show has been on, even though it is about ladies clothing. I lke that they need to be proficient in three areas, design, fit and sewing each garment. It is sort of a triatholon of clothes making. I don't see a clear cut winner of the remaining 4. I am...
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    Craziest thing you've been told

    I overheard a salesperson tell their client this statement : "Cuffed trousers will be the "new trend" for fall." I watched as a gentleman trying on his new jacket in a mens store asked that the sleeves be shortened. The salesperson remarked, " It's not enough to bother" I bought a tie and...