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  1. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Ladies bespoke shirts and suits

    I have tried a few XS OTR non-iron shirts from BB. The sleeve lengths are just a tad too long to be a perfect fit, but otherwise I love them. I should try ordering a MTM the next time I pop in the Philly store.
  2. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Ladies bespoke shirts and suits

    Thanks for the link. I have never heard of them, but will definitely check it out. Side note: It's nice to have another woman on the board. lol. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you! ;)
  3. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Ladies bespoke shirts and suits

    I'd love to hear about your the quality of your slacks once you receive them.
  4. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Gifts for the women in our lives....

    I see. Thanks. That's a bit of hike from me.
  5. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Elegante ladies what are you wearing today?

    lol. I wouldn't mind a similar thread for ladies but think there are only a handful here who actually post. I don't think I'd put up a picture a day, but I could pop in once a week or so with an upload. ;)
  6. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Wardrobe basics every woman should have?

    I would agree (almost all colors are fine for me and even those that are striped with white collars/cuffs).
  7. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Gifts for the women in our lives....

    Twizz, I think many have already hit the nail on the head with, "anything cashmere." May I ask if her boutique is in Haddonfield, Collingswood or anywhere near? I'm not too far from there and would prefer to venture in that direction than Philly for boutique shopping (sorry, I see you're a...
  8. C_Clarke

    Travel Agents and their value.

    Hey, Twizz. I'm a gal, but yes I'm in the Philly/SJ area too. ;) I don't think mine has really saved much on the price of the airfare, but more so the time involved with looking for the best fair, dealing with the villa, setting up reservations, doing the research, etc., basically just making...
  9. C_Clarke

    How often do you see a really stylishly dressed man? What first calls your attention to him?

    How often do you see a really stylishly dressed man? Very rarely, but there is one gentleman I see every now and then in Center City Philadelphia. His clothes fit exceptionally well, he always seems to be wearing the right colors and subtle accessories that finishes the look. He truly stands...
  10. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Where should I purchase pajamas for women?

    Mr. Kabbaz's Zimmerli pajamas are on my list to buy as a gift to myself.:rolleyes2:
  11. C_Clarke

    What are your favorite magazines?

    I've gotten tired of reading everything online and have 5+ tabs open and have actually gone back to print versions of my favorite magazines, which are Fortune, Entrepreneur and Elle. There is one that I purposely pick up at an independent bookstore so that I have a reason to go in and continue...
  12. C_Clarke

    Travel Agents and their value.

    Andy (and anyone else who might be able to chime in), Do you tip your travel agent? I'm aware that many of them don't necessarily get commissions from airlines the way they used to and I have no idea whether hotels/restaurants, etc., provide them with any compensation for their referrals...
  13. C_Clarke

    womens-fashion Beach Fashion - Sarongs and Pareos Anyone?

    I have yet to wear one of these, but do intend to try the look before the summer is over.
  14. C_Clarke

    What are you reading these days?

    Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This
  15. C_Clarke

    Never Eat Alone

    [email protected] the Zombies. Well, there will always be people who appear to take it too far. I say appear because only they truly know what their definition of success is. I am happy with my life, but want to constantly improve rather than run in place. When people see me and say, "gosh you've changed so...
  16. C_Clarke

    Never Eat Alone

    Actually, TheGreatTwizz's response in this thread, "Flirting like a Gentleman," is a good summary of what's inside the book (just for business vs. dating).
  17. C_Clarke

    Never Eat Alone

    Well, I read 7 Habits a few years ago so the exact content of the title isn't fresh, but I do remember how it made me feel: a little bit more confident that I can be who I want (depending on how you are raised, you're not always taught that so you have to unlearn and reteach yourself). Despite...
  18. C_Clarke

    Themed dinner parties?

    I plucked the recipe from an international cookbook I have. I'll try it by myself first before serving it to anyone else. ;) I think I may have to stick with beer for the Mexican portion as I can't think of any wine to pair with it. I'll search for a non-typical Mexican beer.
  19. C_Clarke

    Never Eat Alone

    @Eagle, the book helped me get to a point of not being intimidated by a room full of strangers. My first test of myself will come this Wed., at a lunch and learn I signed up for. I'm going alone, instead of with a friend so I don't have someone familiar to lean on/stick to vs. going and making...
  20. C_Clarke

    Seeking opinions on dressing a male character (fiction)

    Wow! Thanks, Andy. I'll PM you.