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  1. Mahler

    January sales in London

    Seeing GBP hitting new lows against the Euro, I'm feeling very tempted to take a weekend trip to London in January to hit several sales. Does anybody know the January sales dates for the key players on Jermyn Street/Savile Row? Or perhaps a thread with such information already exists on this...
  2. Mahler

    Beginnings of my shoe collection

    I finally got around to putting all my shoes together, polishing them up nicely, and taking a few pics. I wear 10.5B, which explains the dominance of AE in the collection. Next purchase will be a pair of monk's, and probably a pair of bespoke black caps. Since I'm also done with school and...
  3. Mahler

    Morning dress grey waistcoat - where to get?

    I've been looking for a formal DB grey waistcoat for a few months. The only place I know of that has it is Pakeman Catto and Carter, but their price is a bit steep (99 GBP, over $200) for something I will wear so infrequently. Here's the one they have, and it's absolutely lovely, though I...
  4. Mahler

    Tie for a morning suit outfit - where to get?

    Do you know who has the best selection of traditional "wedding" ties? I'm limited to online or US-based sources. Planning to wear the formal morning suit to my graduation ceremony this May, and want to start completing the outfit in advance.
  5. Mahler

    Good places for cleaning shirts in Philadelphia?

    A box of goodies from CEGO arrived today, and I don't want to take these shirts for their first washings to my regular drycleaner/shirt cleaner (which I'm angry at anyway, so that looks like a good moment for change). Any recommendations? I'm willing to drive some distance for that.
  6. Mahler

    Bespoke dinner jacket is finally here (pics). Please evaluate.

    You may remember an old thread I started a while back, just before i saw my tailor here in Warsaw about ordering a dinner jacket. (the thread is here: Well, the jacket finally arrived. I'm sorry to say that Polish postal...
  7. Mahler

    Vintage stud sets - where to get them in London?

    I will be in London for the weekend of Dec 7-10, and while not planning any major shopping activities (not with the current exchange rate!), I'd like to pick up a nice set of vintage studs for a formal shirt. Any ideas where to go? And please don't tell me Portobello market on a Saturday -...
  8. Mahler

    First pair of loafers - what to choose?

    My shoe collection so far is 100% lace-ups, 75%-25% brown vs. black, and about 50%-50% bals vs. open lacing. I don't plan to change that much, but it'd be nice to have a pair of quality loafers, if only to try them out. Since I'm still under 30, I would like to wear them with jeans and odd...
  9. Mahler

    Interesting pair of cordovan AE on eBay

    Does anybody know more about these shoes? Last number, or approximate age? They do look intriguing, though probably were worn more than "once or twice".
  10. Mahler

    eBay feedback dillema

    As a relatively inexperienced eBay user, I thought I might pose this question here and hopefully receive advice from fellow forum members who've been in my situation before. I purchased a product from a well-established eBay seller (400K feedback, 98.1% positive feedback), and paid promptly...
  11. Mahler

    Michael Clayton (movie)

    Saw it yesterday. George Clooney's character consistently wears white shirts, and looks great in them. Reminded me of the white shirts thread on the forum. They looked high-end quality, with thick MOP buttons. If you saw the movie, could you tell whether his overcoat was midnight blue or...
  12. Mahler

    Formal attire accessories - two questions

    Having read the appropriate chapter in Andy's encyclopedia, I'm still a bit unclear on the specifics of accessorizing a black-tie outfit, and I can't think of a better place to ask these two questions: 1. Braces - black or white? I'm inclined to say white (cf. latest 007 movie), but then what...
  13. Mahler

    Opera pumps sizing and wear question

    I tried on a pair of BB opera pumps made by Peal & Co. - wanted to put them on before committing a larger order online during Friends and Family event. I normally wear 10.5B, but with these pumps (D width only) the best fit I got was with 9.5D. Is that normal? With all pumps? Second, no...
  14. Mahler

    Another pair of bespoke shoes made in Warsaw

    Hi, I've had a number of inquiries about services of Mr. Januszkiewicz in Warsaw. Here's another example of his work, a pair I picked up two days ago. All pictures were taken without any artificial light to better show shoe's real colour, which I think can be best described as chocolate...
  15. Mahler

    Vintage Porsche 911, BMW 6-series, Mercedes 450SL - which one to choose

    I'm looking into buying my first ever car (still in my 20s). I want it to be different from what one usually sees on the roads - classic, timeless, and stylish, but my budget of around $12K can't quite support Maserati Quattroporte yet. What I'm thinking of is one of these three: 1...
  16. Mahler

    Going bespoke with a dinner jacket - your advice will be appreciated

    Anticipating a few weddings, New Year's Eve parties and carnival season, I decided to go bespoke with a dinner jacket. Already set on some details, but there are still open issues and places I'm not sure how to proceed, so I welcome your suggestions. 1. Fabric. My tailors highly recommend...
  17. Mahler

    Bespoke shoes in Warsaw (pics)

    I've finally pulled the trigger on bespoke shoes. Having been "blessed" by mother nature with narrow feet, I realized it'd take me forever to complete a decent shoe collection if I only waited for RTW opportunities. Besides, bespoke services in Central Europe are still relatively inexpensive...
  18. Mahler

    Sole edge emergency problem

    Going to an opera tonight, and I've just realized that the sole edges of my black Park Avenues (the only formal black shoes I have, so I will be wearing them tonight) are unpleasantly discolored due to sidewalk salt. Now, I know there are sole edge dressings (e.g. Fiebing's), but I don't have...
  19. Mahler

    Would you wear a silk-knit tie to a job interview?

    I'm being interviewed for a job tomorrow morning. I'll be wearing a navy SB with delicate pinstripes (you'd think it was solid navy from three feet away), so solid tie would be best. Thing is, all except one of my solid ties are silk-knits, including several in various shades of...
  20. Mahler

    Who makes narrow shoes these days?

    As I read and posted on this forum, my appreciation for good quality shoes has significantly increased. One of the things I learned is that a shoe has to fit properly, and that there's such a thing as shoe width (in my pre-AAAC days, I had thought the only size was length). I've narrow feet...