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  1. Cassadine

    Kirk Douglas RIP

    A giant of the Silver Screen has died.
  2. Cassadine

    Sartoria Partenopea genuine?

    Does this strike any of you gentlemen as simply too low a price for a genuine Partenopea? Has anyone purchased from this vendor? I'm facile at weeding through genuine D'Avenza vs. the second rate stuff the company puts out now, and I'm good with Brioni, but I've not owned Sartoria Partenopea...
  3. Cassadine

    Nordstrom Web Site Buffoonery

    I went way out of my way to the local Nordstrom to try on a pair of Park Ave. in 11EE. The website informed me that they were "ready for pickup" at my local store. The manager apologized. Nordstrom is not only phasing at AE, according to him, but the site means--- "I can order it for you."...
  4. Cassadine

    The Oddest Socks I've Ever Seen

    Has anyone ever worn these socks? It's an interesting concept, but seems a bit impractical.
  5. Cassadine

    Grenson Sale and Website Correction

    Just an FYI, gentlemen. Grenson is currently running a sale on select shoe models, and the markdown on some is significant. Its website is an amalgamation of styles, names, levels of craftsmanship, and price that, in my mind, ends up as a farrago of ghastly design. I like many of its chunky...
  6. Cassadine

    Question on Some Shoes

    This is an eBay offering. Possible AE-vendor isn't sure. To me it looks a bit sleek for AE, but it's USA made and now way it's an Alden. Any comments on the last? I'm an 11D in the Alden Barrie, and if an E was offered at the store I would've tried it on. I need/want/crave/demand a roomy...
  7. Cassadine

    Men In Black

    I know that plenty on AAAC have an utter disdain for black clothes and black shoes etc. I do not share that particular antipathy. So, I offer some examples of gents pulling the look off well. Some are serious; some are in jest.
  8. Cassadine

    Hefty Men Looking Dignified

    I lost a tremendous amount of weight in 2017 on what, in hindsight, was an unhealthy eating plan. Living on the caloric intake of a female supermodel, as a mid-50s man, was insipid. I've since put much of the poundage back on, so this thread begins as an exercise in sartorial comfort-therapy...
  9. Cassadine

    manners Middle Aged Man Rant

    Rant alert. I need to decry the increasing vulgarity (in the classical sense of the term) of American culture, especially in the public realm. I recently took my two teenagers and one of their friends to dinner. When the waiter (excuse me "server"), began the evening with "Hey, guys", I...
  10. Cassadine

    Shoe last query

    Yesterday, I purchased the finest pair of shoes I've ever tried on: Alden LW Bluchers in #8 Shell ( I feel as if I'm speaking in an unknown tongue here). This has prompted some questions. First some background. The Barrie last in the shell was the only pair that I liked right out of the box...
  11. Cassadine

    First Pairs of Well Crafted Dress Shoes

    Back in June, I ran to Saks off Fifth and grabbed two pairs of To Boot NY in a rather quick manner; they're fantastic shoes and wonderfully made, but I was utterly mistaken as to the fit of the shoe, and was unaware that my feet had actually changed over time. I've learned a lot in my brief...
  12. Cassadine

    Church's Custom Grade Leyton

    Does anyone own, or previously owned, a pair of Church's Custom Grade Leyton Bluchers? If so how was the fit etc.? With it's virtually neutral sole--in that there's really no heel--I'm thinking of grabbing a pair for an everyday walking about shoe.
  13. Cassadine


    I'd like to clarify something I wrote on another thread. I'm NOT receiving "pop up ads" here on AAAC. The banner ads are what I was referencing. I like the banner ads--they're fun to bounce in and out of. Sorry if there was any confusion.
  14. Cassadine

    Enjoying AAAC

    I'm very much enjoying AAAC. One of the upsides is the little pop up ads. I generally despise these, but none of these adverts are annoying. I stumbled upon Herring. Went to the site. I love the way you can compare lasts on that site--really fantastic. It seems to me that the brands...
  15. Cassadine

    Shoes from the Old School

    I'm new to AAAC, and a tad new to the world of finer footwear. I also have terrible feet. Genetics, wear, and injury. I've reviewed some threads on NOS Shoes but was wondering what some pitfalls might be. If the leather has been sitting on shelf for 40 years won't some damage occur via the...