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  1. rgrossicone

    Schott Sample Sale (Elizabeth, NJ) Workwear Trad?

    Don't know how trad you guys consider workwear, but i think it plays an important part in our sartorial history as Americans, but this is some good stuff, and thought it may interest some of you. So I managed to beat some of the flippers to a few things and overall a cool experience. Got to...
  2. rgrossicone

    My Ercoles Commissions

    I have had a few inquiries regarding my Ercole bespoke commissions in Brooklyn, so I hope its OK with the mods if I post a collective photo essay of all of the stuff Frank has made me. Its mostly shirts, sportcoats and trousers with one full suit. I am in no way affiliated with Frank in any...
  3. rgrossicone

    NYC Weekend Entertainment (4/24-4/25)

    My twin cousins are absolutely FANTASTIC, and if any of you are looking for a good night out, please give them a look!
  4. rgrossicone

    My Whiskey LWB Misadventure

    So, I mentioned this in Chance's thread about his beauties, but today after MoMa (where the Tim Burton exhibit was FANTASTIC btw) I went in to pick up my Alden Whiskey Shell LWBs. I bought them, total cost, $667.89...
  5. rgrossicone

    Need Help from a US Veteran

    I know there are quite a few veterans on this site so I was hoping someone may be able to help guide me, or even pull a string or two to help me find info on my grandfathers. I am researching into their histories and both served in the Second WW, my paternal grandfather in the Navy in the...
  6. rgrossicone

    bespoke What % Of Your Closet Is Bespoked?

    This area needs more traffic! Maybe a new thread... My first bespoke jacket was a blazer I bought a few years ago. Since, I have made some OTR purchases, some of which have been great, some not so great. Now, almost all of my shirts are bespoke, and I'm slowly changing over some of my...
  7. rgrossicone

    BB 346 President's Day "Sale"

    Was just at the 346 in Jersey Gardens. Picked out 3 ties (normally 3 for $99 at all outlets) that I loved. There was a sign that read President's Day Sale 25% off. I assumed they'd be 3 for $75...nope, they were 25% off the original price, so essentially the "sale price" was 30% more than the...
  8. rgrossicone

    Just Picked Up Two New Jackets

    One a grey hopsack, the other a brown/orange shepherd's check. Took the new jackets yesterday. I asked my tailor for a more conservative cut, but feel like I'm swimming in the I know they're not broken in, and I'm used to stuff feeling more snug, but do you guys think they...
  9. rgrossicone

    Odd Double Breasted Jacket

    Thinking about having one made up this spring. I know that a real bold plaid, or pattern would be a bit too much, but how about a more subtle plaid for an odd DB Sport Coat? For detailing I'm leaning towards two patch and a chest welt pocket. For some reason to me, double breasted coats...
  10. rgrossicone

    1914 Sears Catalogue Link

    Some of you guys may be interested in this. I found this while doing research for my lesson on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. real fabulous stuff...would post pics instead of the link, but there are so many...
  11. rgrossicone

    Antique Men's Clothing Help

    I tried sending this to Sator, figuring he ma be the one to ask, but alas, the PM wouldn't go through....if anyone else can help it would be greatl appreciated: Hello- I know you are a huge fan of the history of men's a history buff I share your passion (but not our knowledge...
  12. rgrossicone

    Service With A Smile - And Then Some

    In this day in age, when the apex of customer service is a live voice from India reading from a script, and the norm is a computer responding to keyed telephone entries, real service has disappeared, or so I thought. Today I made my way to see my local tailor, Frank, at Ercoles in Brooklyn...
  13. rgrossicone

    It's The Most Wonderful Time, Of The Year!

    I just swapped all of my brightly colored trousers and jackets out for my fall/winter ones! I forgot how much I love this stuff, the earth tones, plaids, heavier really is my most favorite time of the year as the days get shorter, the air gets cooler, and wardrobes change. I...
  14. rgrossicone

    Esquires BDRM Awarded

    Dan from NYC won on the Today Show. I think his look is terrific, and he's a decent looking bloke on top of his wardrobe as well. The other contestants all looked good, MaFoo (Matthew Fan) (a part time forumite here but cult figure at SF) was in his usual Rubinacci and Ontario looked great...
  15. rgrossicone

    Funny Billboards - Sorry, Just Had To Share

    These two are BACK to BACK on the westbound BQE in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I can't think of anything funnier...I know its toilet humor, but imagine these in other, more quaint, Holdfast's Oxford. "Enjoy life again!"...hilarious!
  16. rgrossicone

    Do Your Friends Give You Schtick Too?

    Being men, and being "into" clothes makes us very unique. Most "men" don't put 1/100th the thought that we do into their clothing. Since I've started my clothing and style blog, and posted my updates on my facebook page, some of my old friends are giving me schtick about my "new found" interest...
  17. rgrossicone

    british Millwall at it again
  18. rgrossicone

    Rothmans NYC

    Anyone shop here in Union Square? Do they have nice stuff or junk? What are the prices comparable to? Century 21? They are running a cash for clunkers now, trade in your old suit for $100 off a new one....I have lots that just don't fit anymore.
  19. rgrossicone

    Bigotry or Good Natured Ribbing? You Decide and Discuss. I find it appalling. If thats how you allow people to talk to you, fine, why bring it here? You may not have a problem with it, but by...
  20. rgrossicone

    DB Suit on Me, Whaddya Think? (Pictures)

    Found this suit at Banana Republic for practically peanuts on sale. The only jacket and trouser they had were almost exactly my size, and when i saw the price, I had to bite. They are from the Monogram Collection which is supposed to be their "high end" brand, but still made in the People's...