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  1. TMMKC

    What Are You Wearing Today 2.0?

    Unwinding by the fire after a long day with a Scotch and the WSJ....
  2. TMMKC

    What Footwear Are You Wearing Today?

  3. TMMKC

    The Eames Lounge Chair is such an iconic, great design that I suspect many people convince themselves it's comfortable. I am a normal-sized guy, a little under six feet, and not big by any stretch. I don't like the fact I can't rest my head (the back doesn't come up high enough), the arms are too low to...
  4. TMMKC

    The Eames Lounge Chair

    My wife surprised me with one a couple years ago for our anniversary. I was looking for a new, comfortable reading/TV chair for my office and initially liked the looks of the Eames lounge chairs, until I sat in one. I must be one of the only people who doesn't think they're all that comfortable...
  5. TMMKC

    What are You Drinking Today?

    Aperol spritz.
  6. TMMKC

    The Eames Lounge Chair

    It's a lovely looking chair, but I must be the only person in the world who doesn't think Eames lounge chairs are comfortable. My wife bought me one as an anniversary present and it sits in the corner of my home office collecting dust. The ottoman has become a space for piling mail. Though I...
  7. TMMKC

    Castoffs of The Rich and Famous

    Something meaningless to ruminate on.... What happens to the clothes of famous people when the (presumably bespoke and high-end) clothes wear out, the owner dies, the owner gains/loses weight, fashions change, or they just get tired of them? I assume they discretely ship the clothes off to a...
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    The Official AAAT Music Thread: What Are You Listening To?

    Kings of Convenience
  9. TMMKC

    Does George Clooney violate a fashion rule?

    That tie and pocket square are dreadful. He looks like his mother dressed him for school dance. Seriously, George? You couldn't have sprung for a nice morning coat from Huntsman?
  10. TMMKC

    What Are You Wearing For Valentine's Day 2018?

    Wind pants and a sweatshirt. My wife is traveling on business, so I'll be parked in front of the TV watching the Winter Olympics and drinking whisky.
  11. TMMKC

    What does your home look like?

    We have a 100-year-old Dutch Colonial that's way too big for the two of us and our 20-pound dog. The master suite and huge front porch were the main selling points. The neighborhood is great, though…in an old part of town, lots of mature trees and parks, great places to eat and shop (within...
  12. TMMKC

    What are You Drinking Today?

    I started the evening outside with my wife and friends listening to jazz and sipping a Tom Collins. We moved inside the bar and I moved onto a Manhattan, a glass of Sharecrpper Cab Sav with a burger, then ended the evening with a couple fingers on McCallan 12. And the answer is "yes." I like to...
  13. TMMKC


    I thought of that, but by the time I pay my tailor to do that PLUS the cost of the shirt, it doesn't make much sense.
  14. TMMKC


    The construction wasn't awful, mind you…I just thought it would be a little more on par with some of the more (truly) "luxury" shirts I've owned. Regarding the fit, I went back and forth on it and at the advice of their customer service person, I ordered the slim. That model fits me perfectly in...
  15. TMMKC


    The construction was not awful, mind you…but having never bought one before…I though it would be something closer to some of the Talbot or Pink shirts I own. Regarding the size, I truly don't think (after getting advice directly from them), that the regular fit would be good for me either. With...
  16. TMMKC


    I received my first Ledbury shirt today and I'm returning it. The slim cut is REALLY slim in the waist (though the chest, collar, sleeves and shoulders fit well). I'm not fat, but I'm not rail thin either…and I know I'll swim around in the regular cut. Frankly, while the shirt is nice and they...
  17. TMMKC

    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    PRICE DROP! Snag these for $45 (including shipping)! PM if interested.
  18. TMMKC

    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Just in time for summer... Nearly new To Boot New York (by Adam Derrick) black leather driving mocs. I got these last summer and have worn them 3-4 times...and not for very long. They are in almost new condition, in the box, and available for a deeply discounted price than the approx. $180...
  19. TMMKC

    To Boot New York Shoes

    I have a pair of black 10 1/2 To Boot "Barkley" driving mocs that I would gladly sell for cheap. I've, literally, worn them they're practically brand new (in the box). I guess the quality is decent but I think these shoes are overpriced for what they are, plus I was never impressed...