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  1. Clovis

    womens-fashion Need Recommendation for Women's Silk Scarves

    I'm looking to purchase a woman’s silk scarf of exceptional quality as a very special gift. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thank you.
  2. Clovis

    Savile Row In Second Life

    I recently walked through the new London Sim in Second Life and quickly headed for Savile Row. Although Gieves and Hawkes was represented, most of the store fronts were empty and for rent. Is this an indication of things to come in real life?
  3. Clovis

    Three Olives Vodka?

    Someone recently recommended Three Olives brand vodka to me. Does anyone have and experience with this product they would like to share with me?
  4. Clovis

    Pantherella Duke of Windsor Argyles

    In leafing through the summer issue of Classic Style magazine I came across an advertisment for The Duke of Windsor Argyle Sock Collection by Pantherella which is scheduled to be available this fall. I was really excited about this and immediately went and showed the advertisment to my wife...
  5. Clovis

    Le Chameau Verizon Premium Rubber Boots

    Siera Trading Post has Le Chameau Verizon Premium Rubber Boots on sale at an excellent price for the next few days. If you are into country sports or live in the country this is a great deal. Don't forget to click thru using Andy's STP link button on the front page.
  6. Clovis

    A failure in generalship

    Very interesting article on the state of military leadership A failure in generalship By Lt. Col. Paul Yingling
  7. Clovis

    Bond, James Bond

    The French know where 007 acquired his savoir-faire
  8. Clovis

    Louisville Restaurants ?

    Can anyone recommend places to eat in the downtown Louisville area? thanks
  9. Clovis

    Paul Stuart Website

    I see the Paul Stuart website is closed for the time being. Does anyone know when they are scheduled to be back up and what possible changes to the site might be forthcoming?
  10. Clovis

    Travers Stakes, Saratoga Springs NY

    My wife and I will be in Saratoga for the Travers Stakes in late August. If anyone will be there and would like to get together for dinner, drinks or what ever, please let me know.
  11. Clovis

    AAAC Day At The Races - Keeneland Fall Meet

    Anyone interested in an AAAC Day at Keeneland Racetrack please leave your sig below. It's a bit late to schedule for the spring meet but we can easily set something up for the upcoming Fall Meet. We can reserve a table for almost any size groups at very reasonable prices. Please let me know if...
  12. Clovis

    Garment Storage Bags

    Can anyone suggest a good quality hang-in closet type of garment bag that will hold multiple pieces of clothing? My wife and I have a number of items that we wish to protect but do not want to actually place in storage. Clovis is what Clovis does.
  13. Clovis

    Fur coat repair work needed

    My wife recently purchased on ebay a vintage aquascutum coat with a fur collar and cuffs. The coat is great, but the fur needs to be replaced. Can someone suggest a reputable furrier in the USA that can replace the fur? Thank you. Clovis is what Clovis does.
  14. Clovis

    Collar type and head morphology question

    Does the type of collar one wears have any correlation with head and face? For instance, do cutaway collars look better on people with long narrow head shapes or on those with more rounded facial structures? Does the type of collar alter the perceived visual appearance of the head and face...