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  1. dragan

    Your most prized possessions?

    Let's say your house is burning down (God forbid) and you have only 30 seconds to grab 3 sartorial items before you run out the door. This is going to be tough. What would be your 3?
  2. dragan

    Tom James (made in Chile) suits

    I'm aware that this is the entry level suit for the Tom James brand. If anyone has any experience, I would appreciate some input on quality of fabric they use. I would guess that the entry level suits are also fused as well?
  3. dragan

    Barneys "house brand" shoe quality

    I used the search tool here to find an answer but the majority of posts are pretty old. Was wondering if anyone has recently purchased a pair of Barney's in house branded shoes? Are they still similar to Cole Haan or has the quality improved? Ordered a pair of Chelsea boots from their warehouse...
  4. dragan

    crepe vs. dainite sole for chukkas

    I am eyeballing a pair of C&J suede chiltern chukkas and noticed the soles aren't dainite. They are crepe. I worry about the crepe getting chewed up and not lasting as long as the dainite. Would anyone like to chime in on an opinion?
  5. dragan

    How 'bout some bow tie advice?

    I have really been wanting to try the bow tie thing for quite some time now, but I'm nervous about pulling the whole thing off. Since I live in a small rural town I'm going to have to purchase something online to try. Note: I want a real bow tie that I will need to tie on my own and not a pre...
  6. dragan

    corduroy button down shirt

    With fall weather approaching, I have a question for you gents in regards to wearing a long sleeved button down corduroy shirt. (I found nothing in the search engine for corduroy shirts) I know most of you here always preach to have shirts tucked in rather than untucked. With corduroy being a...
  7. dragan

    3 button suit jacket etiquette

    I was watching the local news yesterday and the weatherman was wearing a 3 button suit jacket with the bottom button unbuttoned. I don't have any three button jackets in my wardrobe (just don't care for them) but have always seen guys unbutton the top button and not the bottom. Is there a wrong...
  8. dragan

    Anyone familiar with the brand SCUDERI?

    Scored a nice plaid blazer on ebay last night for a mere $60. Appears to be a fully canvassed jacket complete with surgeon cuffs. I've never heard of SCUDERI, and my google search provided minimal results in regards to reviews of the brand. There is also a BOYDS PHILADELPHIA label inside the...