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  1. TMMKC

    Castoffs of The Rich and Famous

    Something meaningless to ruminate on.... What happens to the clothes of famous people when the (presumably bespoke and high-end) clothes wear out, the owner dies, the owner gains/loses weight, fashions change, or they just get tired of them? I assume they discretely ship the clothes off to a...
  2. TMMKC

    manners Returning a gift...from my wife!

    Hello, Gentlemen. It's been quite some time since I last posted on AAAC, but it's good to be back. A bit of a conundrum, here.... I very recently marked another birthday and my wife, in addition to a trip to an overnight trip to a spa and a piece of art I love, gave me a somewhat pricey money...
  3. TMMKC

    Byron suit quality

    I'm curious if anyone on AAAC has had any experience with Byron suits? I like the cut and hear they're canvassed. But beyond that, I haven't heard much. Thank you.
  4. TMMKC

    Bonobos quality?

    I've been poking around the Bonobos site and like a lot of what I've seen. I understand from a couple of previous threads that the sizing on trousers is inconsisent, but their customer service is outstanding. What I didn't see was any comment about the overall quality of Bonobos' merchandise...
  5. TMMKC

    Thanksgiving Attire

    What are you planning to wear for Thanksgiving? Though I normally wear either a sports jacket and slacks/cords, and I serioouly thinking about a bow tie this year...being as we are hosting. My family will appreciate the effort, I know.
  6. TMMKC

    Herring Paddington Fit

    I am considering buying a pair of Herring Paddington monk-strap shoes (made by Loake). I apologize for the fairly general and vague question, but how is the the fit? I'm always leery of buying shoes online. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. TMMKC

    Any special clothes for Thanksgiving?

    Do you have anything special set aside to wear on Thanksgiving? We're having dinner with my wife's family this year, so it will be very casual. Brooks Brothers Hudson wide whale cords, a sweater and horse bit loafers for me...though I will (as usual) be overdressed! Jeans may be more in order.
  8. TMMKC

    A really silly poll about sandwiches

    It's a well-known fact that sandwiches taste better when cut on a diagonal.:icon_smile_big: What say you?
  9. TMMKC

    Double-Breasted Suits: In? Out? Coming back in style?

    Other than my DB navy blazer (which I rarely wear anymore), I haven't owned a DB suit in several years. However, I've noticed the style cropping up more and more in magazines. Could it be that DB is coming back into style? Your thoughts, please.
  10. TMMKC

    At the end of a long day, my drink of choice is....

    Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks. You?
  11. TMMKC

    Is is Trad to be a Troll?

    Judging by recent posts, it seems to be. :icon_smile_big:
  12. TMMKC

    Which former AAAC poster do you miss the most?

    The Interchange has gotten mighty quiet in recent months. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe not. Though it sometimes got ugly (especially when politics and religion came up), it sure added a bit of drama to the fora. I was going through old posts the other day and began to wonder which...
  13. TMMKC

    Favorite "Go-To" Wines

    There are numerous fine wines I absolutely love, but what are your favorites that you keep on hand for everyday drinking...those afforbale, reliable "go-to" wines? The current favorites around Casa de TMMKC: *Kim Crawford sav blanc *Bogle petit sirah *Estanzia pinot noir *Liberty School cab...
  14. TMMKC

    Supreme court ruling on campaigns

    Any thoughts on this? I have to admit I am a little conflicted on this one. While the spectre of watching Exxon extol the virtues of one candidate over the other gives me chills, being the...
  15. TMMKC

    Mark McGwire

    Thank you, Mark McGwire for confirming what we already knew:,212896. I am quite sure he’s read the tea leaves and realized he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of getting into...
  16. TMMKC

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, all! All my best wishes for a 2010 that's full of health, happiness and prosperity. Good riddance, 2009!:icon_smile_big: What are your plans? Mrs. TMMKC and I will be going to a party and dining out with my brother and his wife, and taking cabs to make sure we return home safe...
  17. TMMKC

    Tie/shirt combo opinion, please

    I am considering buying a Black Watch bow tie to wear with a red gingham OCBD for church on Christmas Eve. I am planning to go casual this year (3/2 H Freeman navy flannel blazer, gray flannel trousers, brown suit). Would that tie/shirt combo work or should I stick with a striped...
  18. TMMKC

    College Football

    Good lord, I love this time of year! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the Iowa Hawkeyes are now 7-0! Go Hawkeyes!
  19. TMMKC

    It's okay to wear jeans today

    Regardless how you personally feel about jeans, I think we could all agree that you could make an exception today: Breast cancer has touched far too many of my family members and friends. This is a wonderful cause and it only costs $5. Let's save some breasts!
  20. TMMKC

    RIP Allen Edmonds Thayer

    We were doing some shopping Saturday afternoon and I happened upon a department store having an Allen Edmonds trunk show. I talked briefly with the sales rep and he told me they plan to discontinue the Thayer monk strap in 1Q 2010. They are going to introduce a dressier single strap model with a...