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    How to Handle a Very Casual Workplace

    The transformation is a simple process if you start off slow. If you wear jeans then switch to chinos. From chinos, slowly incorporate wool trousers once a week, then twice and so forth. Shoes can be chukkas, to loafers, to your fifth aves if again, you slowly incorporate them into your...
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    Rapper (Juicy J) in a dinner jacket

    I think Harry's wardrobe is over the top (on purpose) while Juicy J's intent is to be that "fly guy" in the room. I like Sir Juicy's outfit too. Oddly, it looks natural on him and it works. note: I believe the term fly guy was used in the 1980s. My apologies to all the hipsters in the room.
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    Outfit ideas for beach trip

    I've vacationed in Florida for the past 12 years. From my experience, you'd be fine in some chinos, suede loafers/ no socks, and a tommy Bahama polo or aloha shirt.
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    Ralph Lauren documentary on HBO

    I watched it and loved it. Ralph's vision for the consumer was to buy into the lifestyle moreso than a particular item or style of clothing. A true American icon and definitely worth a watch on tv.
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    Your most prized possessions?

    Thank you.
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    Your most prized possessions?

    I should've started the original post with what are your 3 favorite sartorial items in your closet. Instead, everyone is taking this whole house fire thing too seriously and we have drifted off course dramatically. All I really wanted to know was what are your top 3 items. Oh well....
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    Your most prized possessions?

    Let's say your house is burning down (God forbid) and you have only 30 seconds to grab 3 sartorial items before you run out the door. This is going to be tough. What would be your 3?
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    Choosing between vintage wool coats

    I would choose the one on the left (Swedish navy peacoat) To be quite honest, you would need to try on all 3 and present us with pics. There have been several garments that look great hanging on a rack and not so great when tried on. If you can swing that, I'm sure you would receive a better...
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    Burberry shirts

    What is so great about hanes underwear? These are the following things that make Hanes drawers the best: 1) The tighty whitey Print: The very first thing that people really love about the line of Hanes drawers is the tighty whitey print that is the label’s trademark. The tighty whitey print of...
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    Slim fit polo shirts. Suggestions?

    My go to slim fit polo shirts have always been the Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit line. For me, the fit is spot on vs. the classic line which I find a bit baggy and loose fitting.
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    winners-picked High On Leather FREE Giveaway | 9 Awesome Prizes!!

    You deserve an "atta boy" as well for working hard to get these other sponsors to help out when the high on leather folks backed out. Thank you for your relentless efforts!
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    winners-picked High On Leather FREE Giveaway | 9 Awesome Prizes!!

    My prize showed up on my door step yesterday. The good folks at Todd Shelton rewarded me with a 100 dollar gift card. I used it toward a pair of these awesome Indigo Nuevo Raw Denim jeans that were made just for me. The cool thing about the Todd Shelton brand are the size options. Instead of...
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    Tom James (made in Chile) suits

    I'm aware that this is the entry level suit for the Tom James brand. If anyone has any experience, I would appreciate some input on quality of fabric they use. I would guess that the entry level suits are also fused as well?
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    What to wear with these saddle shoes

    I think you could rock those with either dark denim jeans or black slacks and your favorite Texas Tech polo shirt. I'm rooting for your team tonight! Good Luck.
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    Barneys "house brand" shoe quality

    Leather. Quick note: Forgot to mention the soles. They are a rubber copycat form of Dainite. Not the real deal but I cant be too upset based on the price point.
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    Barneys "house brand" shoe quality

    My boots arrived today from Barneys and here's my review. Packaging: Item was packed in a large box. After opening the large box found the well packed shoe box containing my boots. The shoe box reads Barneys New York. There are no markings inside or outside of the box identifying it as an...
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    Barneys "house brand" shoe quality

    They were on markdown from an absurd $495, down to $239, and finally at $96. I received an extra 10 percent off for being a first time purchaser. Seemed like a pretty stellar deal. I'll post an update when they get in. Scheduled for Thursday delivery. Here's the link...