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    How to determine if a Chino fits 'you?'

    When you try on Chinos, are there some indicators you use to determine if they fit you the way you prefer? For example, pull material a mid-thigh and see if there is xx" of material, etc. Also, if you were asked to write a catalog description for Chinos worn by college students in 1960s, what...
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    Allen Edmonds Cavanaugh Fit....

    I purchased a pair of AE Cavanaughs from the ShoeBank. As much as I want to love these shoes, I think they are ready for donation. Is it just me or is the toe box/fore foot very narrow; as in almost tapers narrower toward the front of the shoe? I tried to wear them today but didn't even make it...
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    Barbour Beaufort enough ‘rain coat’ for Ireland in mid-May?

    Upcoming trip to Ireland/Scotland in mid-May. I assume we will see some rain. Will the Barbour Beaufort be enough rain protection? While I’m on the subject of Ireland, I only plan on taking one sport coat in the form of a neutral colored Tweed coat. Will that and a handful of wool sweaters be...
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    Get your Brooks Brothers Original Polo OCBDs now - 50% off when you purchase 4

    Do the math, great deal for those that don’t like the normal prices.
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    Get your Brooks Brothers Original Polo OCBDs now - 50% off when you purchase 4

    Do the math, great deal if you can use 4.
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    Brooks Brothers Classic Bucks - Any Reviews?

    With the current sale on a BB, I am considering purchasing a pair of the Classic Bucks in Tan. Does anybody have any experience with them and can offer a short review? I am considering them as 1) They seem to be more supportive and sturdy than the current Bass Buck I'm wearing (really break down...
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    Yellow and Tan Buttoned Sweater Vest Sourcing

    Hello All. I would like to purchase either a Yellow or Tan Buttoned Sweater Vest (inspired by many Pintrest photos). Does anybody have a source? Not looking to spend a tone, sorry. Thanks!
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    Any recent Lands End Hyde Park OCBD purchases?

    I’m trying to confirm the site description of ‘unfused / unlined’ collar with ‘3.25 inch collar points.’ Can anyone confirm those details?
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    Oatmeal / Beige colored Shetland Sweater; how flexible?

    I have been jonsing for an Oatmeal / Beige colored Shetland Sweater for a few years. However I’m wondering just how flexible the color is. Thoughts?
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    Experience with Eastland Falmouth USA Camp Moc?

    Anybody have experience with Eastland Falmouth USA Camp Moc? It seems like a good made in USA value at the current $168 sale price. I was going to order the standard shoe @ $70 sale price but thought I'd ask. Does anybody know who actually makes them? Rancourt?? Thanks!
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    Recommended daily newspaper?

    I normally get my news and events off of the iPad, radio, etc. However, would like to start reading a daily newspaper. I'm leaning toward Wall Street Journal, NY Times or USA Today. Any better recommendations? Also, when the heck did yearly subscriptions get so expensive??
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    Ultra Lightweight Harrington Jacket Source

    Does anybody have a source for an ultra lightweight Harrington jacket. The Ben Nevis I have has a tartan liner and is otherwise too warm at times. I don't even mind if the outer shell is nylon or the like. Help....
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    Late afternoon birthday party - Seersucker and such ...

    Over the 4th of July weekend I will be attending a birthday party for a family member at a local FL restaurant. The party is due to start at 6:00 pm. I am planning on wearing a Blue Seersucker Jacket, Navy Chinos, White OCBD (either PPBD or other), probably repp tie and White Back shoes. Too...
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    Alden for BB Shell Tassle Loafer fit....

    I just received my Alden for BB Shell Tassel Loafers from the ebay seller posted a while ago. I ordered a size 10D. The length is spot on. However, I am getting some what I consider substantial hell slip/rise when walking. I laid two tongue pads and while significantly reduced, I still get...
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    Third solid color surcingle belt; which color?

    i am going to buy a third solid color surcingle belt. I already have Navy and Olive. What are suggestions for a third color? I’m leaning toward Maroon. How versitle is Khaki? I’m only skeptical about Khaki as I wore Khaki pants with a Khaki belt for twenty years; do not want to look like in...
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    Different question; same chinos all of the time.

    Do you have different makers/types of different chinos for different occasions? For example, say BB Advantage chinos for work and then a different type for after work and more casual situations.
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    I have a couple questions...

    1) What is best source for inexpensive grosgrain, double-D ring belts? I really hate to spend $50 for something that just seems like very inexpensive to make. 2) Do you hang, or fold and stow your polo shirts? I know I could "do what you want there are no rules." However, the question is no...
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    Smoking Slippers

    When and where do you wear Smoking Slippers?
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    Brooks Brothers 1818 Tassle Loafers??

    I stopped by Brooks Brothers tonight, after visiting LL Bean. Today, shoes are 40% off, so I took a look. I like the look of the Burgundy 1818 Tassel Loafers. I tried them on the they fit well, nice high vamp and stay on my feet unlike Alden and AE versions. What are the opinions on BB's 1818...
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    Gitman OCBD Shrinkage?

    Hi. Can I expect any shrinkage during laundering of Gitman OCBD shirts? I always wash cold and hang dry. I'm trying to determine which size to buy. Thanks!