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  1. YoungSoulRebel

    Post a pic of your closet.

    So, in a few other threads, Duvel, Reuben, Flairball and a few others have posted pics of their clothes on the rack. I thought it would be interesting as well as making me green with envy (looking at you Flairball! Haha) to see others collections. Here are a few of mine which I've posted already...
  2. YoungSoulRebel

    September Acquisitions

    Nothing too fancy, but it's vintage, made in France, thick and a completely different beast from the new, paper thin, $100, piss takes haha.
  3. YoungSoulRebel

    Moleskin five Pockets

    i did a cursory search, and only turned up old or broken links.. I'm on the search for some 5pocket mole skins for the autumn, however I'm not trying to spend over $100 on them (I'm getting very thrifty in my old age haha). I'm hoping that one or more of you esteemed gentlemen may be able to...
  4. YoungSoulRebel

    The Brink

    There is a new "Dramady" on HBO called The Brink. It stars Jack Black as a bumbling state department employee who graduated from Dartmouth and wears Brooks brothers clothes (even his Pakistani handler makes fun of him for wearing Brooks haha). It's a pretty good show.
  5. YoungSoulRebel

    August Acquisitions

    I just found this vintage Woolrich Woolen Mills 60/40. I'm totally ready for autumn now!
  6. YoungSoulRebel

    July Aquisitions

    Not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite like tassels. I ordered the burgundy color way.
  7. YoungSoulRebel

    Uniqlo Accessories

    I popped into the big UQ today and they have some nice (for Uniqlo anyway) offerings in the way of accessories. There are some great, ribbon belts and socks in very summertime colors. These do not appear to be on their site yet, so if this is up your alley, you may want to stop in and check it...
  8. YoungSoulRebel


    So, I went into Muji for the first time yesterday and was fairly surprised by some of their offerings. In particular, there is a linen sportcoat that was quite nice and only $99. Totally desconstructed, and super lightweight. I picked up the navy one and may go back for the grey number. What is...
  9. YoungSoulRebel

    My apologies

    So, obviously I was a bit of a turd the other day. I got a nasty martial arts back injury a few years ago. My Dr prescribed some fairly strong pain medication that I use occasionally when the pain is particularly bad. This medicine turns me into a total asshole. Just rude defensive, and...
  10. YoungSoulRebel

    Tweedy Don!!

    your inbox is full Sir!
  11. YoungSoulRebel

    Favorite Trad forums/blogs besides Ask Andy

    Obviously most of us check out or are members of other Trad/Ivy/whatever blogs and forums. What are some of your favorites? I know of a few, but I'd like to see what you other fellas are up to. I'm quite a fan of: was fun...
  12. YoungSoulRebel

    4/3 roll madras

    So, I was lurking around on here and found the Asian Ivy thread. Within said thread was the most amazing 4/3 roll madras jacket. Is this something that I should even attempt to look for? I mean it hits every single note for me and honestly, I never knew these existed. Do any of you worldly...
  13. YoungSoulRebel

    Question for sellers on the forum

    Do any of you fellas that Venmo as payment? I constantly see items that I want, however I i have a real blood feud situation with Paypal and I've sworn it off for life haha. Please PM me if you do.
  14. YoungSoulRebel

    Not sure if this site has been discussed yet (did a search and come up with nothing) but this site carries Clarks, Bass, Tretorn and many other brands. What makes this site unique is that you can spread payments over the course of a year if you are so inclined. I just swooped up two pairs of...