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  1. Elessarcif

    Shoe lining is breaking down

    Well I suppose it was bound to happen but my favorite 15 year old black oxfords have some legit damage. Its pretty straightforward the leather lining is tearing away at the top stitch. It isnt a surprise the leather is incredibly thin. This creates a seperation between the lining and the...
  2. Elessarcif

    Fox brothers worsted check

    Has anyone ever made a sport coat out of this stuff? Im thinking about getting something for spring.
  3. Elessarcif

    Fugashin Saigon Shoes

    So I came across this shoe maker in all my perusing of the interwebs. I contacted them and they say they dont ship to the US. Has anyone else heard of them and had success shipping to the US? I think the shoes look remarkable and from what I can see the prices are reasonable for the quality.
  4. Elessarcif

    Looking for a wallet close to this that is considerably cheaper

    This is a long wallet from Maison de Hiroan. I think it is a beautifully designed wallet(sans tear). It is also 350 dollars. Has anyone seen an equivalent wallet at maybe half that price?
  5. Elessarcif

    Interesting pieces from my local tailor

    This is the tailor I have had a few of my pieces made at. I really think they do some interesting things. I hope you enjoy. I love this overcoat, Even the wide lapels which normally I wouldn't be a fan of. I personally dont think I could pull off this. I saw the material in the shop(the...
  6. Elessarcif

    Will I ever be able to wear RTW

    I have a 51 inch chest and a 32 inch waist. In the past 10 years I just gave up buying anything dressier than a polo OTR. My legs are nothing special so I can easily find pants but I would love to buy some sport coats off the rack or even find some of these great deals on ebay or in thrift...