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    The Chambray Shirt by G. Bruce Boyer

    I too love Chambray. Here's one of my favorites:
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    Oxford cloth is hot & bulky

    While I am not married to Oxford cloth I do adore my Mercer and Sons OCBDs,....And I even have some point collar Mercer and Sons Oxfords. I noticed early on when non iron Oxfords came upon the scene that they do not breath very well. The ONLY Oxford cloth shirts that I currently own are must...
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    My Hat is off to Military Medicine,...

    My Father is an 86 year old retired U.S. Navy Officer, an Aviator. My Father Winters in Las Vegas and Summers in a tiny farm community in southern Colorado where we all are from. Because of Covid my Father did not spend this or last Summer in Colorado electing to stay in Las Vegas. My brother...
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    Norm McDonald R.I.P.

    To me comedy is like beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Some of Norm McDonald's subject matter wasn't quite my cup of tea but I always found him clever. He got 61 years. We go when we are called,... R.I.P. Mr. McDonald.
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    Your suggestions for a tie and square to coordinate a med grey suit with grey bridesmaid gown

    I am sure that other members will chime in with suggestions so here's mine: Go with a classic navy blue silk tie with tiny white/silver dots and a matching, or perhaps white, square. Congratulations and good luck.
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    Do NOT buy custom shoes from Magnoli Clothiers

    I love all of my Russell shoes and boots and have had positive experiences with Ralph Fabricius and everyone on staff. That being said Magnoli Clothiers web site* shoe offering, (the sole image that I could find) seem to be more "dress casual" and I find Russell's line-up to be much more on the...
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    Covid-19--Exposes our Health Care System’s Weaknesses.

    ^^ Possible, but not likely. Peer reviewed science published in "Nature"* from researchers at Yale and The University of Sidney : Nat Microbiol. 2020 Feb 18 : 1–2. doi: 10.1038/s41564-020-0690-4 [Epub ahead of print] (All authors are...
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    Suits for a Lawyer

    I really don't like buying suits that I cannot try on either,... Long story short, I've owned Oxxford suits for nearly 30 years. The originals that I've purchased in that time frame were fitted in Chicago years ago. Beginning 5-7 years ago I wanted a few more Oxxford suits and jackets and I...
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    ^^ Baguette's are ubiquitous. But if there is a local source for the thin crusty French style, (ficelle) then I don't want to know about it,....
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    official Chipp Neckwear Thread

    I love your assessment of Chipp's customer's tastes. And it seems to me that an integral aspect of your business being so successful was your ability to know what your customers wanted. I am impressed. I would love to go back and visit Chipp. I am sure that looking back to 1960, one year...
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    Is the Hickey Freeman Milburn II a fused suit?

    Hello ozshadow, I did a quick Ask Andy search feeling sure that I would find a suitable, (Pun intended) thread to point you to that outlined "The Pinch Test." Here's something from 2016...
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    official Chipp Neckwear Thread

    You are a squared away gent and looking quite proper Ryan. Welcome young man.
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    Agreed. Yet, as a nation I believe that we are are running dangerously close to having our healthcare professional's scientific based opinions infected with political bias. (At least in the eyes of about 50% of our citizens.) Politically speaking I do not see how we could be more polarized...
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    You are correct Howard. Now, I believe the official word is that they are revising their recommendations as they learn more about the virus.
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    ^^ As reported today by the New York Post. Biden, Fauci discuss requiring COVID booster shots every 5 months.
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    Spot on Mike. Once a witness has perjured themselves the court is obliged to inform jurors to disregard that individual's testimony. What the court is saying is that a liar should not be believed. In my book the same principal applies in all other relationships in life. Once one loses trust...
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    This week, each day that I went to work I held off going over the the pharmacy and receiving my 3rd Pfizer vaccine. I rationalized that if I had vaccine "Hangover" symptoms I wanted to make sure that I didn't have patient responsibilities the following day. (I'm semi-retired) So today I ran...
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    Thank you for the update Flanderian. On Thursday of this past week I stopped by the pharmacy of the large hospital where I work and asked about the covid booster. To my surprise I was told that I could get the booster "Right now." I decided to wait until this coming Monday because I want to...
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    PSA: Covid Vaccine Booster.

    This morning, at the hospital where I work, I was offered a "booster" of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. I believe I have the answer to my question but I would also like to throw this out to our community if for no other reason than I find it interesting. I have read that several pharmaceutical...
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    Bean Mocs

    Quite the wait for them. Were they back ordered? I graduated form High School in 1979 and these were "De Rigueur" along with khakis, (shorts or long) and polo shirts,... I've worn the sole though countless pairs of these. I was under the impression that LL Bean quit making this model. I...