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  1. SG_67

    Which gorge height do you prefer? (Part 2)

    I think number 2 will withstand the test of time. I’m not absolutely opposed to number 1. I know the current trend is for a higher gorge, almost seeming atop the shoulder, but #1 isn’t terrible. As someone who is not tall (5’7”) a gorge like #1 seems proportionate to me.
  2. SG_67

    Rolling up jacket sleeves- extending the surgeon cuff?

    Why even bother wearing a jacket?
  3. SG_67

    manners Barber Shop Etiquette

    well Howard, that’s a good question. I’d say it depends on whether or not you’re the mayor of Chicago.
  4. SG_67

    Is full canvassing less important on double-breasteds?

    The canvas layer doesn’t add bulk. Also, I’d argue that it’s just as necessary and essential to a double breasted jacket, perhaps even more important though someone with more technical knowledge may disagree, due to the more complex geometry and the need for proper drape.
  5. SG_67

    Are poorer quality skins tanned black?

    I’m not sure how that would work. Poorer quality leather would not absorb the pigment evenly. More accurately, I believe such skins would the route of corrected grain.
  6. SG_67

    More from Ralph

    Ralph Lauren, at least through the RLPL line, has bee offering forward pleats for quite some time.
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    Zippered Boots--Tacky?

    Dead thread resurrection—Tacky? yes.
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    Questions on some nice finds on ebay

    I think ~$100 for the BB coat is a good deal. Can better be had? Perhaps. But it saves time.
  9. SG_67

    Is this Burberrys shirt authentic - however, females size.

    At least the counterfeiter is making some attempt at respecting the trademark.
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    Questions on some nice finds on ebay

    Hey there again. The Zegna jacket is an older model. My only concern with it is that it appears as though the lapels have been pressed flat. The fact that the top button is fastened doesn’t help in seeing the roll of the lapels. We already discussed the HF. Same model, different jacket it...
  11. SG_67

    Help identifying Hickey Freeman label

    Its from their mainline so it’s fully canvassed. Pretty good quality I must say. Of course, There’s no way to know the condition of this particular garment but HF makes a pretty solid suit.
  12. SG_67

    Help identifying Hickey Freeman label

    It’s mainline but pretty old. Probably 90’s. The Boardroom model is from the mainline and pretty generously cut. Something akin to BB’s Madison fit.
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    Boot Cut Jeans

    Ah! You’re looking for a skirt?
  14. SG_67

    Boot Cut Jeans

    I’m still confused. Is this what you have in mind:
  15. SG_67

    Boot Cut Jeans

    This is turning absurd. City slicker out!
  16. SG_67

    Boot Cut Jeans

    My guess would be Lee, Wrangler or another of the classic western jeans. I’m not really a cowboy boots kinda feller so beyond that, don’t know.
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    Examples of shoes that are darker than oxblood, yet not black...

    No technical malfunctions on my end.
  18. SG_67

    Examples of shoes that are darker than oxblood, yet not black...

    “Now I remember why I stopped visiting this site! I can stop for good now, knowing that my earlier concerns were justified.”
  19. SG_67

    problems with Epaulet and Bill's - where next for chinos?

    of course it’s true! I said it on the internet. And I never lie.