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    Thrift store blues & brags

    It's pouring alright!. Those are absolute beauties!!
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    And the shoe trees! This is an incredible find. Wear them in good health!
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    Replacing (or supplementing) aging LHS

    Go for the Alden LHS in shell. It's really fantastic, but wait until you can be properly fitted. You will not regret it.
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    Great find!!!! Congrats and enjoy
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    @never behind - great sweater!!
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    ethrift -$20+ delivery. Fit’s perfect. I won’t tell you that it’s a size 40L.
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Just yesterday, I had a very similar jacket delivered. Glad to see how good it can look!!
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    In Search Of: 3/2 Camel Hair Sack - 40L (ish)

    Ack. Bought it, paid and seller refunded me as he sold on another site. Back on the hunt
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    In Search Of: 3/2 Camel Hair Sack - 40L (ish)

    bingo!!! Went for it. Thanks, Yoshi!
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    In Search Of: 3/2 Camel Hair Sack - 40L (ish)

    Thank you so much for taking a look around for me! The Press one is almost there, I really like lower patch pockets :)
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    In Search Of: 3/2 Camel Hair Sack - 40L (ish)

    Just checked the usual suspects and unable to find any traditional 3/2 camel hair sack jackets with lower patch pockets. Anyone know of any around?
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    Is the Alden Unlined Cordovan LHS dead?

    Check out ebay. I just got a pair very slightly worn for a great deal.
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    Is Southwick Made-to-Measure Clothes Closing?
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    ^^ Sweet Jesus. Please let some of that be my size!! I'm not an ascot guy, but if I was, that blue Sulka one would be mine!
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    Blue Grenadine

    +1 for Chipp
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    Thrift store blues & brags

    HOLY COW --- where are you selling this stuff?
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    O'Connell's Green Blazer

    The Green Southwick Douglas from Izzy @ LS is in.. I love it. No additional alterations needed. Evidently Izzy gave me a 42R base and added some length. This gave me a more tailored body/armhole fit.
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    Alden Restoration - BB LHS

    I bet they come back looking like new. The restorations I've seen are remarkable. As far as getting them done at the factory, I believe that's the way to go. They use the exact last that the shoes were made on and will dye the uppers like they do for new hides.
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    Alden for BB Shell Tassle Loafer fit....

    Go up in length and down in width a size or 2.
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    AAAC Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange

    Actually, this would drive traffic away from AAAC, so I don't quite understand the move. Either way, I appreciate this site and the people that contribute!