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    Classic mismatch, men vs. women. Help me pick a tie.

    Of the original six I'd go with one of the red ones, but that's mostly based on a hunch on what sort of wedding this is. The Navy tie from your pic a couple posts later is better IMHO though. I wonder if maybe you shouldn't get a little nutty though. Weddings are often celebrations, and if...
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    Unusual Edward Green Experience

    I usually have my credit card company add my work address as an approved shipping address on my account. That's worked in the past. Who knows about now though with the equifax mess.
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    Trying to Decide What New Pair of Brown Shoes to Buy

    The usual Allen Edmunds fall sale should be coming up soon. You can get better shoes, but at $250 or so for most of their line during the sale they're a good buy if you're looking for some durable shoes for regular wear that won't cost too much. They're still better than what most businessmen...
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    What would those who would wear this pale yellow hopsack jacket wear with it?

    I would totally wear that to a company event as long as no customers were present. It looks pretty close to one of the main colors in the official company color palette we use for marketing materials, etc. I would pair it up with a deep purple shirt and gray pants -- also parts of the company...
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    Strands + Dark Jeans + Polo?

    I think you can wear walnut Strands with jeans, but not with a knit polo. Jeans, at least in the US, can be dressed up or down more than most articles of clothing. If you pair jeans with a pressed or non-iron button-up shirt and preferably some sort of jacket walnut Strands could work. A...
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    "English Laundry" dress shirt quality

    I have a couple of their shirts. They were pretty cheap at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and the fabric quality seemed good. The ones I have are just striped, so nothing too obnoxious unless you roll up the sleeves. One's purple and white (my school colors) and the other is medium gray and...
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    Shorts...looking for pleated chino shorts..

    Being a bit of an LL Bean fan, I'd try these: I have a couple pairs of their un-pleated chino shorts that I've been pretty pleased with. At the very least the ones I have are made of good solid cloth and are 100% cotton. They also have a wrinkle version if you really want to iron your shorts.
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    Allen Edmonds Premium Shoe Polish just not shiny enough. Tips anybody?

    I've never been able to get a shoe as shiny with AE's "premium" shoe polish as I can with their wax polish. I just use cream then wax on shoes I want shiny. I like my black shoes shiny and I have a pair of dark brown cap toes I like a higher gloss on, so those get cream + wax. I feel the...
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    I guess Ralph Lauren didn't want to rebrand as fast fashion after all.

    Hopefully Larrson's departure will get the brand back to one I'm actually interested in. I've had plenty of Ralph Lauren clothes over the years I liked, but it seems like lately they've slid too far towards "rumpled casual."
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    How (and Why) to Dress Like a (Southern) Conservative

    You do have a point. I still prefer skirts and dresses though.
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    What's the difference between "Smart Casal," "Cocktail Attire," "Dressy Casual" and "Upscale Attire

    Here's what I would expect people to actually do given the state of men's dress in the US: Smart Casual - Don't wear a t-shirt, flip-flops, sweats, cargo shorts, or anything similarly informal. Also, don't wear pure manual labor attire like overalls, work boots, etc. Most office workers will...
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    How (and Why) to Dress Like a (Southern) Conservative

    I'd be happy if people would just stop dressing like slobs all the time. Sweats, t-shirts, yoga pants, flip-flops, trainers, Crocs, etc.
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    The case for wearing just one style of sock

    I have a "sock standardization policy" of sorts. I work from home most of the time and usually wear blue jeans, chinos, or shorts when I'm spending the day at home. I buy everyday socks in common colors 1-2 dozen pairs at a time (maybe more for dark blue) and replace the whole lot when they're...
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    Still Don't Know Difference Between Chinos and Khakis

    Growing up in Minnesota I also referred to them as khakis regardless of color, so I don't think it's a southern thing. "Chino" entered my vocabulary more recently. Maybe people just woke up and realized that calling navy blue pants khakis made no sense. Either way both terms have deviated...
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    Comfortable shoes. HELP!

    I think I may have to look into Mephisto. That name keeps coming up. That said, I do like Rockports for comfort. I keep a pair of Northfields around for situations where I will be walking a lot but don't want to wear athletic or hiking shoes. They're clunky fat-toed bluchers with a thick...
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    New Suit for Graduation ~ 1000 dollar mark

    If you need suits occasionally and end up in NYC or some other place where you have to ride trains and walk getting a summer weight business suit seems like a good idea. You likely know this, but NYC subway stations are miserably hot in the summer, and it is nearly impossible to avoid walking...
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    A few questions about business attire...

    The fashion people are punishing you for not being fat at the behest of the high fructose corn syrup lobby and the diabetes drug companies. Actually... that has nothing to do with it. They just want your money. I'm overweight, buy traditional fit shirts and relaxed fit khakis, and don't have...
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    Looking for a custom suit in NYC

    I've looked into Enzo a bit but haven't tried them. I wouldn't call them custom. They're more MTM, or maybe "Mr. Potatohead MTM," meaning MTM with extra options. They just take your measurements and specifications and send them off to some factory. I doubt they're much different from Suit...
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    Weight loss and shirt fitment

    I wouldn't bother avoiding blends with a little polyester in them. I've got an 85/15 jacket that really doesn't feel any different from a cheap wool suit. There's a fabric engineer type around here somewhere who's made a couple of posts on the subject. When you're talking budget fabric a...
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    Saint Laurent Paris vs. Yves Saint Laurent : Label confusion

    Click this button and select the "from computer" tab. Easy as cake!