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  1. ZachGranstrom

    starting sentences with the word "so"......

    Man, you so cray cray. :p
  2. ZachGranstrom

    Is anybody know naming black strings on sleeves (photo)?

    I think the tattoos look great, but that just might be because I'm a young guy, so I'm used to everyone having at least a few tats. Anyway, you should be able to find these sleeve garners on online Victorian and/or Steampunk websites.
  3. ZachGranstrom

    Wallet Recommendations

    Tanner Goods, perhaps?
  4. ZachGranstrom

    Dressing like children???

    *Tries to hide his few pairs of cargo shorts*
  5. ZachGranstrom

    Seattle based tailors?

    Not me personally, but my uncle(who is a tough man to please), swears by him.
  6. ZachGranstrom

    Seattle based tailors?

    Here are a few thread to help you on your search:
  7. ZachGranstrom

    Seattle based tailors?

    I forget the name of the shop, but I remember being told that there was a great tailor in or near Pikes Place. However, since I live in Tacoma, the only recommendation I can give you is Franco the Tailor, which is near Stadium High School. ~Zach
  8. ZachGranstrom

    Do you wear sports jerseys?

    I don't wear any today, but man, I used to have a Sonics jersey that I would wear almost 2-3 times a week. (I was in elementary school, mind you)
  9. ZachGranstrom

    Places to avoid

    The roach coach near St. Joseph's. Never again will I trust that $5.00 lunch combo special.
  10. ZachGranstrom

    Places to avoid

    lol, I agree.
  11. ZachGranstrom

    What are You Drinking Today?

    A huge amount of eggnog.
  12. ZachGranstrom

    What are you listening to right now?
  13. ZachGranstrom

    What are You Drinking Today?

    A glass of Four Roses bourbon.
  14. ZachGranstrom

    Men's handbag

    I find man bags to be very practical for me right now, so I approve of them. Plus, man bags can be quite nice. (My favorite man bag is a hand-stitched leather bag I bought from a small vendor)
  15. ZachGranstrom

    Customer Service - Am I being unreasonable re Ben Silver

    I would say to give them a few days more since it is the Holiday season, but after that, I suggest contacting your credit card company and doing a charge-back if this does not get resolved next week. Hope it goes well. -Zach
  16. ZachGranstrom

    manners Standing when a lady arrives at the table?

    ^ This. ----- I have a feeling that if I did this to any girl I know she would immediately laugh and call me a goober, which is true, but I don't like being called a "goober". -Zach
  17. ZachGranstrom

    Briefcase choice questions

    ^^^^ I like this person!!! Anyways, I have nothing to really add but that I like the first bag in your OP. Happy Searching... -Zach
  18. ZachGranstrom

    What are you listening to right now?

    Afrojack and Steve Aoki featuring Miss Palmer - No Beef
  19. ZachGranstrom

    Wearing Out Elbows on Dress Shirts

    I remember reading about this on SF not to long ago. Anyways, there suggestion was that the OP(person who posted the question similar to yours), maybe was buying shirts to short in sleeve length causing tightness in the arms, which would lead to tears. So, maybe the problem you're facing is not...