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  1. P

    grooming Shave

    I've been wet shaving my whole life, but I've also been getting bad razord burn. I've tried everything to avoid it--shave brush and soap, safety razor, pre-shave oil, every after shave/balm out there--but nothing works. I've been considering switching to an electric razor. Anyone use one? Can I...
  2. Rossini

    grooming Shaving Preferences to open a discussion on Shaving. Interested in anyone's preferences on the following subjects: 1. Shaving techniques Electric versus wet shave After shower? The night before? Hot compress before? Cold wet towel compress afterwards?2. Shaving Materials Foam versus Cream Brands of...
  3. R

    grooming Shaving Routines?

    All this recent talk of pre-shave creams and pre-shaving rituals. I must be missing out on something. I usually wet my face with hot water, lather up the badger brush and slap the shaving soap on. Then use some after shave when I'm done. What do others recommend?
  4. Cliff

    grooming Shaving regimen?

    What is your shaving regimen ? I usually shave right after a shower, which for me is at night before bed (I like to sleep in). I apply a shave oil on my wet face (Aramis Lab Close Call oil) and then an application of shaving cream. Shave, rinsing the blade often; when finished I splash...
  5. F

    grooming Art of Shaving

    Has anyone else used the Art of Shaving kit? I got one last year and enjoy it very much. I'm sure that what I consider to be a traditional way of shaving has been used quite a bit in the past, I wonder when men began to do a fast and quick style of shaving?
  6. L

    grooming Art of Shaving Barber shave

    ...atmosphere with old fashioned barber chairs, plenty of wood trim and some Sinatra playing in the background. There I opted for a Royal Shave. This begins with a hot towel. The face is then massaged with Pre-Shave Oil. Hot shaving creamis applied and the face is then shaved with a straight...
  7. N

    grooming Wet Shaving

    I just began getting interested in wet shaving--using a safety razor with a pre-shave oil, badger brush, shave cream (or soap), and an after-shave balm. I live in the D.C. area and wonder what (if any) places sell these kinds of products, particularly the stuff that seems only available...
  8. Johnnie27

    grooming Wet Shaving

    ...paper about this site and figured I would take a look at it. Since everyone here are well dressed gentlemen, I was curious if anyone here wet shaves. In case you're unfamilar with wet shaving, it involves a shaving brush (like your dad or grandfther may have used), some English shaving...
  9. N

    grooming The Art of Shaving

    Have any of you tried the products sold at "The Art of Shaving"? How about their in-store shave? They have a new location on Connecticut Avenue in DC that recently opened and will soon have their license to conduct shaves aside from selling products. I'm curious if the experience is worth the...
  10. A

    grooming Shaving Cream vs Shaving Gel

    So recently I made the switch from shaving gel to shaving cream. The first reason is cost. I have a tendency to be impulsive with money and the cheapest thing I can get one week from the store was Barbasol. After using it a few times, I liked the feel of it more then the more expensive gel I was...
  11. F

    grooming fav shaving cream and aftershave

    What are all the shaving creams and after shaves that you guys like For shaving creams I like Taylor of Old Bond Street - Eton college and lavender Proraso For after shaves Proraso Nivea Gillette Loccitaine
  12. J

    grooming Stopped into The Art of Shaving.. The Westchester (White Plains, NY) to get some shaving cream for the gym bag, and was told that by this autumn they will have barbers for shaves in the store! Personally, I am excited about this, and hope to get a shave a couple times a month! -jbbb
  13. R

    grooming favorite shaving cream

    what's your favorite shaving cream? mine are: kiehl's proraso pain free easy shave kiss my face
  14. R

    grooming What do you shave with?

    Shaving is such an important part of grooming, so I'm wondering what the gents here use to shave with? Randy
  15. Magicman

    grooming Shaving Against the Grain...

    ...which rub my collar all day, exacerbating the irritation. While shaving with the blad, if I go only with the grain, I cannot get a smooth shave. The temptation to acquire a smooth shave drives me to make another sweep, this time against the grain, and often results in a little more...
  16. rbstc123

    grooming Proraso - Italian Shaving Cream

    I love this stuff! This is the only shave cream I have used with a brush that does a good job. It is only $10 a tube and makes for a terrific shave. Why pay $35+ for shave cream? Any comments? Any suggestions?
  17. Harrydog

    grooming Shaving Oil/Shaving Brush

    There was a post that said that using shaving oil would damage your brush? Opinions on this? I was at Art of Shaving yesterday and they definitly said oil first then use your brush. I think my experiment with my double edged vintage safety razor is coming to a close...going back to the mach...
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    grooming Shaving and acne

    So I guess I'm a late bloomer (as were my brother and dad), and I'm just now starting to grow real facial hair. I only shave every few days, and that's mainly because it is patchy and uneven and looks dumb after a while if I don't. I also have a fair amount of acne. I'm hoping that it will soon...
  19. J

    grooming Truefit & Hill vs. The Art of Shaving

    I am looking to get a good shave while in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Does anyone have any experience with either Truefit & Hill or The Art of Shaving for a straight razor shave? Thanks in advance.
  20. J

    grooming The Shaving Oil Report

    ...and Gentleman's Refinery. The Pacific Shaving Oil is the only one of these three that purports to allow for shaving with the oil alone, and no shave cream. I think it works best with shaving cream, however. It can be used alone, but it takes longer, and is not quite the last word in...