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  1. Vecchio Vespa

    Things culinary, successful recipes, equipment insights, etc.

    This is a new catch-all thread for things culinary that do not fit in the photographic brilliance of threads like red meat, etc. It is a place to share brilliant recipes, dazzling menus, exciting ingredients, techniques and hacks, cool new tools, things that sounded like cool new tools but...
  2. Vecchio Vespa

    National Bow Tie Day

    August 28th is a red letter day. It is, of course, the day I took the oath to join the Navy, but far more importantly it is National Bow Tie Day. Repp, neat, Madras...? What are your plans?
  3. Vecchio Vespa

    Irrational likes and dislikes

    On Timeless Style @StephenRG recently resurrected his 2008 thread and said that in the years since its creation (13) he had come to appreciate suede and chukkas. I read the thread with interest and observed that much of what is disliked on that forum was pretty much the way an ivy or prep...
  4. Vecchio Vespa

    Sad/Facetious PSA

    I got an email that Brooks Brothers is offering some deal on hoodies, seriously.
  5. Vecchio Vespa

    The various widths of stripes on ties

    My ties are few but lovely, more paisleys and neats than stripes. I like to wear stripes with a blazer or a herringbone, and even though my rules say to avoid mixing stripes, I like awning stripes and even bar stripes in strong colors (red and white or orange and navy) with seersucker in its...
  6. Vecchio Vespa

    The Open

    I am so impressed by Collin Morikawa.
  7. Vecchio Vespa

    Comparison of Mercer and O'Connell's OCBDs

    I now have in hand a Mercer OCBD and an O'Connell's unlined, unfused OCBD, made, I believe, by Gitman. The noticeable construction differences are a deeper two piece (split) yoke on O'Connell's. It extends about 3 1/4" down from the neck band. The Mercer yoke is one piece and extends about 2"...
  8. Vecchio Vespa

    A supply chain tale

    I have experienced some disruption in the supply chain I thought I'd share because the Trad world is both small and shrinking, and we need to be mindful about how it impacts our purveyors. In late May I ordered a plain white Gitman OCBD in a very common size. The retailer called me soon...
  9. Vecchio Vespa

    Ecru, wherefore art thou?

    I am looking for an ecru OCBD that has a suitably long collar with a perfect roll, is baggy, and is made from oxford cloth that wrinkles (is not treated to resist wrinkles). Bonus points if the collar, cuffs, and placket are unlined and unfused. I am not having any luck with my customary...
  10. Vecchio Vespa

    PSA Rancourt Crowdfund

    Rancourt is running a crowdfunding deal that includes longwings, boots, and chukkas. Don't worry about being in line behind me. I am set for shoes.
  11. Vecchio Vespa

    Boxers redux

    I did a search and the threads I found were older. I like boxers, specifically baggy, full boxers made from the same materials used for woven shirts (end on end, gingham, broadcloth, oxford cloth). My standard brand has been Tiger Mountain, but I have noticed them getting harder and harder to...
  12. Vecchio Vespa

    A fascinating re-posting

    On Salt Water New England the age old discussion of the difference, if any, between Trad and Preppy has resurfaced. In the older discussions Ask Andy is mentioned. A number of commenters had no idea what Trad was. (I am not sure I do either.). Anyone can read and comment. Maybe some of the...
  13. Vecchio Vespa

    Neck measurements for OCBDs

    For decades I wore 16 1/2" neck OCBDs. Now my neck measures exactly 14 1/2". My collection of four OCBDs still works fine for open collared casual wear, but I am pondering possibly getting a second blue one for wearing with ties. I wash and iron my own shirts and do not starch them. I am on...
  14. Vecchio Vespa

    A summer suit

    If you lived in a place with long, hot summers and were picking a summer suit and had narrowed it to oyster poplin, olive poplin, or blue and white seersucker, which would you pick? Main uses would be church, likely outdoors.
  15. Vecchio Vespa

    Quasi PSA

    Ben Silver has some good sale items, an especially nice selection of bow ties for just under $50.
  16. Vecchio Vespa

    When to be matchy matchy and when not to be..

    On another board Smmrfld shared the opinion that going matchy matchy with nubuck shoes was not a good look. I agree. However, I think there are times when matchy matchy rocks. I like No. 8 cordovan tassels with a matching cordovan belt. I like softly shiny black calf cap toes and a matching...
  17. Vecchio Vespa

    The lots of stuff thread

    Wearing Nantucket greens, a yellow surcingle belt, and a blue Bean canvas shirt, Drinking 3:1 Tanq and Dolin martinis, Listening to Sinatra duets, and Cooking 375 F oven fries and a nice MR sirloin au poivre (brandy and cream reduction). Dessert will be strawberries with vanilla yoghurt.
  18. Vecchio Vespa

    Something new for J. Press

    I just got my lovely spring & summer 2021 catalogue, and Press is now offering Nantucket Reds from Murray's. If you are a value oriented shopper, you may wish to deal directly with Murray's.
  19. Vecchio Vespa

    Replacing (or supplementing) aging LHS

    My beloved Alden for Brooks unlined shell LHS are now well into their fourth decade and showing it. I wear LHS with things like blazers or sport jackets and grey slacks but also sockless with shorts or reds when boating shoes would look too "Saturday afternoon." I am too old to break in...
  20. Vecchio Vespa

    Super Bowl plans

    Once again the end of football season is nearly here. I assume no one will be going to a big Super Bowl party to cheer, eat, drink, and share viruses. Mary and I will hunker in front of our TV, cheer for the QB from Texas, and critique the advertisements, but we are still deciding what to eat...