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  1. eagle2250

    Questionable Choices Thread

    I agree with you....there is something fishy about those cookies! Just saying.....
  2. eagle2250

    Things culinary, successful recipes, equipment insights, etc.

    This is a great idea for a new Thread. Sometime in the future I'm going to have to pull out all the gimmicks/kitchen appliances I've purchased, used them once or twice and then cleaned them up real well and then set them aside. and wait for the next Don Quixote appliance venture that I find to...
  3. eagle2250

    Red Meat . . . .

    Looking at the pictures above I find myself to exclaim, "Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!" Yum. ;)
  4. eagle2250

    More from Ralph

    That is a memorably picturesque storefront. Do you happen to know the location? ;)
  5. eagle2250

    Clothing Illustrations From or Inspired by the 20s to the 60s

    Great threads, but the walking stick is the crowning feature of that illustration to my eyes. As I age, I find myself developing a growing appreciation for such accessories! ;)
  6. eagle2250

    Shoe heel rubber- split vs. full?

    Interestingly the crowd at the wedding actually applauded the wife and I as we danced at the wedding, which would lead one to believe it was money well spent. However, truth be known, today I don't remember much of what they taught me. That causes me to wonder about how well spent that money...
  7. eagle2250

    It's TWEED Season!

    Pairing that Handsome coat with those blaze orange trousers must be an abomination of some sort. It should never happen! ;)
  8. eagle2250

    Recently Watched & Favorite Movies: Personal Reviews & More

    Another very thorough and informative review...artfully written, well organized and quite helpfully detailed. But alas, as a matter of principle, I do not watch anything with Jane Fonda in it. Hell, I won't even re-watch Barbarella! Now that's a pretty serious commitment, methinks. LOL. :(
  9. eagle2250

    The Shooting Thread

    That is a whole lot of plaid. I've worn buffalo plaid shirts, coats and even trousers, but never all at the same time. However, should I ever do so, I will post a picture in the Style Forum's What are you wearing today thread! LOL. ;)
  10. eagle2250

    Do we need a salad thread or maybe just a healthier eating thread?

    .....but what is that sliced lavender hued stuff with all the seeds in it? It seems to be beyond my gastronomical realm of experience...... ;)
  11. eagle2250

    The antipasti, snacks and side dishes thread

    PB&J sandwiches were a staple of my diet when the dining hall was closed during my college years. Ya just can't pull an all night study session without food to keep you fueled. ;)
  12. eagle2250

    The Illustrated Java Thread

    For those days that you just can't make up your mind, you get one of each, iced and steaming hot! LOL. ;)
  13. eagle2250

    the adoring grandpa thread--even if you have to borrow.

    Betcha can't get them to pose for that shot a second time! LOL. ;)
  14. eagle2250

    The World is Full of Great Old Trucks Thread

    I could use that truck with the water cannon when getting into water gun fights with the grand kids! LOL. ;)
  15. eagle2250

    Photos for no good reason

    ....and they said I was crazy when I wanted to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. Anti-vaxxers...Jeez Louise! ;)
  16. eagle2250

    Sartorial Videos

    I learned something brand new from the video on Top Hats. Specifically that "Mad Hatters" were self made men, their madness probably a result of the mercury they ingested when licking their fingers repeatedly as they smoothed and repositioned the threads in the fabric of the top hat. The...
  17. eagle2250

    Shoe heel rubber- split vs. full?

    I am not a dancer and would never presume to be one. However, years ago the wife encouraged me to take lessons so that we might dance at our daughter's wedding. I took a lot of lessons (Arthur Murray), just over $4000 worth of them and frankly never wore anything but shoes with leather soles...
  18. eagle2250

    More from Ralph

    Not a good look, regardless of who designed and/or sold it! The jacket is one hot mess and it does not fit the model wearing it. Nuff said. ;)
  19. eagle2250

    No-break suit pants for my wedding

    Way back when, I've had some shrink to fit jeans that were that peg legged, but never a pair of dress pants that were that close fitting. However, I am a proponent of folks following their own gut response when making decisions and I do wish you great success and satisfaction with your...
  20. eagle2250

    It's TWEED Season!

    Tweed or not, it is indeed quite handsome. ;)