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  1. AlanC

    sales FS: ALDEN 967 NIB - Black Wingtip Blucher in Calf 9.5 D (9 1/2 B/D)

    --bid early and often! Alden 967 New in Box - 9 1/2 B/D Black Wingtip Bluchers in Calf Retail $525 Prebay price: Now $350! $375 $399 $425 shipped USPS Priority CONUS w/ tracking & insurance (Paypal regular payment) These are gorgeous new Alden wingtip bluchers, new in Alden box with Alden...
  2. AlanC

    PSA: STP Tricker's (and everything else) 40% off

    As Tweeted by Put This On: For 40% off until midnight use this code at STP: SFBPRESENT12 Buy a pair of Tricker's (relatively) cheap:
  3. AlanC

    Return of US Horse Slaughtering: A Better Shell Cordovan Supply?

    It appears that within weeks. Currently, Horween is forced to import all of its hides. I wonder if this will result in a more plentiful supply of shells, or at least lower costs in sourcing hides.
  4. AlanC

    Brooks Brothers "The Clarney": Extinct Trad From the Mists of Time

    I enjoy thrifting not only for the sartorial goodies, but also for the archaeological aspect of it. One comes across clothing's past triumphs, bold experiments and...other things. I give to you The Clarney, from the catalogs of The Brethren: Real shell buttons. An interesting fabric...
  5. AlanC

    Trad Tie Swap Box

    I noticed over at SF that some guys had put together a tie swap box to send around. I thought it might work well over here as well as something fun to do. The idea would be to start a box of a selection of good quality ties. Each recipient could use the ties for a week or so as a fun way to...
  6. AlanC

    The AlanC x Leather Soul x Alden contest boot

    Some of you may recall that a year or so ago Leather Soul announced an Alden design contest. My boot design was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist and then voted the winner. All the months later my design has . I had imagined an American version of a British country boot. I think it...
  7. AlanC

    Crocogator: Real & Faux

    I had a question via PM about the quality of straps, which is what I have used with my engine turned buckle. Since I took some comparison pics I figured others might be interested. Below are belts, some faux, some real, for comparison purposes. I find the Beltmaster straps to be of solid...
  8. AlanC

    Christmas 2010 Sartorial Plunder

    Did Santa leave anything clothing related under the tree? I found the Rizzoli Savile Row tome:
  9. AlanC

    2011 "To-Buy" List

    With time running out on 2010, what is on your 2011 To-Buy List? My big planned purchase for 2010 was a Goodwear A-1 leather jacket. That was accomplished, along with several other significant purchases. I actually plan to keep big purchases to a minimum this year. I do have one major buy that...
  10. AlanC

    A Chill Wind: Fall 2010 Wardrobe Wardrobe Change

    I took a couple of pics of the fall and winter ties I just pulled out of the box as I put the summer ties away. What are you pulling out for fall?
  11. AlanC

    Ubertrad: J Press Chesterfield | The AC10K Thread

    To commemorate years of needless posts, I give you AC10K. I received a message last week asking if I would be interested in a purchase, a very special one. A J Press Chesterfield was sitting in the back of a closet and needed a home. The price: not cheap. But I knew I would never have a...
  12. AlanC

    GQ's Affordable Style, or How to Save $5,000

    Somehow I think this misses the point of affordable style. Nice jacket, though. Day 1: Add elbow patches to your Hermes tweed.
  13. AlanC

    'The Trad' in Esquire

    'The Trad' is listed amongst Esquire's 12 Styles of the American Man (see #10): The Trad Also Known As: The New Englander, the professor. Dress code: Tweed blazers, button-down oxford-cloth shirts, rumpled khaki chinos. First known sighting: The original J. Press shop in New Haven...
  14. AlanC

    J. Barbour & Sons--The Way It Used to Be -- ca. 1933 (lots of pics)

    Reposted from Fedora Lounge with permission of 'Mysterious Mose'
  15. AlanC

    Filson Tote & 258 Laptop Bag 50% off

    Filson Tote Filson 258 They even take Paypal. I just ordered the tote.
  16. AlanC

    September Acquisitions - 2009

    Imagine my surprise to find no September Acquisitions thread extant and here the month is almost half over! Get out there and stimulate that economy! There ought to be lots of getting ready for fall purchases out there. I'll start things off with a Seiko 5 I just got with Hadley Roma band:
  17. AlanC

    L.L. Bean Signature

    A new 'designer'/updated line from Bean: And: I think some good things may come out of this. Improved fit seems to be the goal. Links lifted from SF thread.
  18. AlanC

    Gentry Magazine 1952: Alden, Southwick, J Press, Chipp

    Here are a few scans from the Holiday 1952 edition of Gentry Magazine that I thought might be of interest to the folks here. I'll try to get more things scanned in soon. Direct link (bigger version): Direct link...
  19. AlanC

    Denim discussion (yes, jeans)

    This thread was created from a discussion that began in WAYW, and I thought it appropriate to begin a new thread rather than hijack that one. It was begun my posting of this ensemble below. JCrew patch tweed cap John Partridge jacket Scots Glen lambswool scarf (via STP) PRL...
  20. AlanC

    Alden LHS Restoration Report

    That long anticipated box from Alden showed up on my doorstep this morning. Here is the background previously posted in the LHS thread: I took a lot more pre-restoration pics, but those are on my computer that crashed and I haven't been able to get to them (yet). You'll have to suffer...