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    How on earth did they ever find this guy?
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    Scandalous Yet another example of why putting health care in the hands of capitalists is a bad idea.
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    The surest, slam-dunk sign that the apocalypse is, in fact, upon us There is also this: And this:
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    Tailor recommendations in St. Louis?

    Also posted in TNSIL portion of site... A friend from St. Louis came to visit at just the right time last night and left with a BB Golden Fleece suit I recently picked up at the thrifts. Fits him near perfect. The biggest issue is a mis-pressed lapel that needs to be re-done so that it lies...
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    Tailor recommendations in St. Louis?

    A friend from St. Louis stopped by for a visit last night and walked away with a gorgeous Golden Fleece suit I found at the thrifts a couple days ago that fits him almost perfectly. Looking for a recommendation for a tailor he can go to for final tweaks. It doesn't need much. However, a lapel...
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    Time for a special prosecutor? If only for the sake of appearances, which are important, I think that it may be a good...
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    Tour de France

    I'm a big fan. For some--not me--crashes are an attraction. That said, this crash is one of the most dramatic I've ever seen. Dude on a descent gets bumped in a hairpin, goes out of control off the side of the hill and into a telephone pole head first, then quasi helicopters down the side of the...
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    PSA: O'Connell's Summer Sale Started A Few Minutes Ago...

    Unfortunately, funds won't allow for my annual purchase of an all-cotton poplin suit (I need only olive to complete the set), but this is the sale I look forward to more than most any:
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    The surest sign that a lot of people are idiots

    Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials. This one is my (least) favorite: Followed, closely, by this one: Drives me batty every time I see one. Are people really so stupid that they don't understand the...
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    TNSIL is dead
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    Happy Father's Day

    My old man never wore a tie, but plenty did. Regardless, I found this to be nostalgic in a very nice sort of way...
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    Oh, no!
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    Like anyone is fooling anyone I make no judgment as the candidate's qualifications/fitness for office, but sheesh. How much do they pay whoever...
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    J. Crew's Travails
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    Thoughts On The Belmont?

    I'm thinking that Tale of Verve wasn't as much of a fluke as the oddsmakers are saying.
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    What's up with this?

    Let's say you've been busted for selling pot. As is often the case, the cops make you a deal: You work with us on busting someone else, we'll work with you on getting your charges to go away. In this case, the alleged dealer had to...go to a gas station and buy fake pot. Didn't have to rat out a...
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    Interesting concept I suppose if you're at your wit's end trying to find a decent tailor, this might be worth a try.
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    But not too surprising:
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    RIP, Mr. King
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    GS needs to go What on earth was he thinking? If Stephanopoulus doesn't immediately...