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  1. M

    The latest clothing casualty of COVID-19, TM Lewin

    News today from across the pond. If BB is flirting with insolvency, this isn't really surprising. I've really enjoyed their shirts for casual wear, so I'm at least happy that they're going to maintain a presence, albeit exclusively online.
  2. O

    T.M. Lewin sleeve puffiness

    While there are sleeve length questions, I haven't found anything on relative puffiness of Lewin's sleeves. I have a few older regular fit shirts and the sleeves are borderline Seinfeld-Puffy-Shirt from bicep to wrist on me. Would purchasing the slim-fit variant solve this for me? Like anyone...
  3. E

    Just How Bad is TM Lewin?

    I need a couple of good basic white dress shirts for work and I noticed TM Lewin has them going for like £20 each for Black Friday. I'v heard Lewin is basically he Jos A. Bank of Britain so I was wondering how bad the quality would be? Should I consider them or am I better off going to CT or...
  4. H

    T.M. Lewin Shirts @ $29.50

    It appears they are making a renewed marketing push in the US. My experience is their quality is > Charles Tyrwhitt and I also prefer their styling. Their posts on FB advertise a $29.50/shirt offer. Has anyone recently tried them?
  5. ScarletDrew

    Suit comparisons: Charles Tyrwhitt vs TM Lewin vs Savile Row Co.

    ...Freeman, Stuart, Zegna, et al.), such simply will not fit my budget right now. Any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated, particularly from those who have worn these suits (links below). Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Difference in TM Lewin material ?

    Hello all, I"m looking to order some shirts from TM Lewin website but I don't understand the difference in quality between all the different fabrics and collars. I want something that will look professional but also good quality. Does anyone also know if they sell a white shirt which isn't...
  7. T

    TM Lewin Marcella Shirt Stud Slit Size

    Gentlemen, I find myself with a newly delivered TM Lewin Marcella formal shirt shown at this link Excellent shirt, with an equally excellent fit, however my dilemma is attempting to insert a shirt stud. The button side of this shirt has an apparent horizontal slit, immediately beneath 5...
  8. A

    T M Lewin quailty - shirt collars

    ...wear. I like the standard CT Shirt but always find their collars curl at the end even with metal stays in place. However I purchased some T M Lewin shirts as I like the contrast collar and cuff to the body of the shirt (something CT offers little of on-line). On receiving them I note their...
  9. B

    T.M. Lewin Ties

    ...affordable ties as a young man on a budget. My mind is about 95% made up to try the Tie Bar. However, I also recently noticed that some of T.M. Lewin's ties looked very nice to my taste and some were on clearance for $24 from $104. I was curious if anyone here had experience with their ties...
  10. J

    Need help with TM Lewin sizing! First time looking to order a shirt of the website

    ...- 34. My build is quite thin at 6'1 165lbs and I generally stay away from regular or classic fitting shirts, so going with the slim fit from TM Lewin should be a no-brainer. The complication is that I've been measured at a 16' neck and my best fitting shirt is a size 16 (41) slim from Hugo...
  11. L

    4 evening shirts for £99 - Lewins,en_GB,sc.html&start=0&sz=12 Marcella or pleated-front, in all sizes. Their marcella shirts are very good.
  12. A

    Comparable shirt to TM Lewin twill dress shirt.

    I recently picked up some plain white TM Lewin twill dress shirts and I absolutely love the fabric. The issue I am having is they are ripping after very minimal use and while the company has been great at replacing them the turnaround time is about a month with travel back and fourth over the...
  13. T

    TM Lewin Quality?

    I have several TM Lewin shirts. I have found the quality compared to my other shirts (Curtis&Hawes, CT, RL, Paul Frederick, MyTailor, JC Penney and others) to be less than. They seem thin and somewhat flimsy. They are the basic shirt so maybe that's why. What is the general consensus? The CT's...
  14. Haffman

    Help! TM Lewin collar curling...

    Seduced by the siren song of a good deal, I stocked up on TM Lewin shirts but have now developed a problem which I see from previous threads that others have also experienced with TM Lewin... ...the points of the collars curl inwards below the collar bones Its really annoying and I am now...
  15. C

    TM Lewin slim fits

    ...most other high-end shirt makers usually are too wide. Unfortunately, I don't have the cash to go my usual Brooks Brothers route, and the TM Lewin prices are more in my ball park. Thing is, I've never tried one on, so I don't know how well the shoulders would fit. (mine are rather narrow)...
  16. L

    T.M Lewin shirt fit comparison

    I want to try ordering a shirt from T.M Lewin and was wondering if anyone could advise how they fit against brooks brothers. I currently have a bunch of 16.5 Brooks Brothers traditional fit shirts that I like but are really "billowy" and would like to try something a little more snug. I...
  17. H

    T.M. Lewin and VAT

    ...customers the 20% VAT that U.K. customers pay. The change is being disguised as special handling and processing charges. It appears that T.M. Lewin has followed suit. An order placed with the company did not include a VAT deduction. Previously, T.M. Lewin deducted 15% of the 20% VAT for U.S...
  18. Bjorn

    womens-fashion Alternative to TM Lewin

    Are there any alternatives to TM Lewin for womens shirts? In roughly the same price/quality range?
  19. M

    Daily Telegraph- Sat 26th November: Free TM Lewin Tie

    Hi there, This is a little late but just incase anyone missed it, there was a voucher to get a free tie from TM Lewin in Saturday's Telegraph. I'm not the biggest fan of Lewin's ties but the one I got is relatively tasteful and the fabric feels less synthetic than other TM Lewin ties I've...
  20. M

    Thoughts on TM Lewin Tie Quality

    I'm interested to know what others think of TM Lewin's ties. I bought one once and found it to feel rather synthetic, although it says that it's a silk tie on the label. However, I saw a rather nice looking blue and red regimental tie in their window the other day but held back from buying it...