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  1. Orgetorix

    Free 2yr Shoprunner membership for Paypal members

    If you have a Paypal account, you can sign up for a free 2-year Shoprunner account, which gets you free shipping and returns from Brooks Brothers and a number of other stores.
  2. Orgetorix

    JAB to close 100+ stores
  3. Orgetorix

    BB Corporate 30% Off sale, 3/10

    As a reminder, today 3/10 only, those who have a BB Corporate discount card through AAAC or elsewhere get 30% off all regular prices at Brooks Brothers. This is the one (biannual) event during the year when things that normally aren't ever on sale, like shell cordovan or Edward Green shoes, are...
  4. Orgetorix

    New Filson flagship store

    Filson opened their new flagship store in Seattle this week. Any Seattle-area members visited yet?
  5. Orgetorix

    Merry Christmas 2014, everyone!

    Hope you get lots of Trad goodies under the tree.
  6. Orgetorix

    DIY Shell Watchband

    A few weeks ago I posted a request in the thrift blues/brags thread for beat-up shell shoes, because I wanted to cut them up to try making a watchband. A few members were kind enough to send me some shoes, so I took a crack at it. I'd been wanting a shell band to go on my new Seiko, but didn't...
  7. Orgetorix

    The Trad Test: A Guide for Noobs

    Folks new to trad frequently ask, "Is X trad?" A better question is "How trad is X?" and better still is "How trad is this whole outfit?" If you’re new to the Trad aesthetic or curious about whether what you’re wearing is trad, here’s an easy quiz you can take to grade any particular day’s...
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    Some of you may remember a couple months ago CMDC posted about his trip to Spain, and shoes were mentioned. I couldn't believe the prices, as they seemed like fantastic deals, especially for shells. I decided to order a pair and give them a try. I ordered some burgundy shell PTBs. They...
  9. Orgetorix

    Vintage Florsheim Imperial Longwings, tan pebble grain, 9.5D

    Vintage Florsheim Imperial longwings, tan pebble grain, 9.5D. These have been worn only a handful of times, by the look of them. $100 OBO shipped CONUS.
  10. Orgetorix

    Why do we wear pants?

    I've been pondering about that. Pants are something we take for granted in our everyday attire. But if you think about it, they're the primary item of male clothing that doesn't perform its function well - they're so constrictive. I know that it's part of a long tradition dating back to Roman...
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    JAB sued for fake pricing
  12. Orgetorix

    Long-shot possible 40% off deal for Allen-Edmonds

    Men's Wearhouse has a 40% off coupon code right now (40SHOEM) for Rockport, Dockers, and Belvedere shoes. The code doesn't work online when you try to apply it to AE shoes and check out, but there's always a chance that an overly helpful in-store associate would give you the discount. It might...
  13. Orgetorix

    PSA: JAB BOG2 incl. shoe trees

    Jos. A. Banks is having their buy one, get 2 free sale today, both online and in store. I just got 3 pairs of trees for $26.50 at my local store. They aren't split toe, which is not my preference, but for $8 and change each I'm not complaining. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Other than what I might find thrifting that works for me, I am not going to buy ANY more clothes or shoes until everything I already own is altered or refurbished. Off the top of my head, that's three suits, two sportcoats, two or three pairs of pants, three pairs of shoes, and one espresso...
  15. Orgetorix

    DIY Cobbler-ing: Changing Sole Edge Color

    You may remember a while back I posted a thread on how I dyed a pair of boots from light tan to dark brown. Well, this week I attempted a second DIY shoe project: changing the color of the sole/heel edge. I've always thought that #8 shell looked better with a natural or lighter brown edge...
  16. Orgetorix

    PSA: 25% off Corporate event at BB (including shell)

    BB's Corporate Shopping Event starts today and goes through Monday. The usual 15% corporate card discount is bumped up to 25%. And, despite the fine print, for the moment shell shoes are still on the website and it does appear to be applying the 25% discount when you put them in your bag and...
  17. Orgetorix

    Brass eyelets turning green...

    Anybody else have this happen? What's the best way to fix it without hurting the shell?
  18. Orgetorix

    March 2011 Acquisitions

    For quite a while I've been a skeptic with regard to the appeal of both black loafers and black shell. To me, black = formal, and both shell and loafers are inherently casual. So I've always thought them a bit of an odd mutt. Especially black shell loafers. But today a local consignment...
  19. Orgetorix

    Brooks Brothers "spring preview"

    Any thoughts?