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  1. Patrick06790

    Oxford cloth is hot & bulky

    Depends. Blazing hot summer day, I'm likely in a lighter fabric shirt. Poplin or Space Age fishing shirt, that kind of thing. But we don't get that many blazing hot days. "Regular" summer day, air temps in the high 70s/low 80s, I can and do an oxford. Cool summer nights? I may bag the oxford...
  2. Patrick06790

    Vintage Alynn Neckwear...

    I have a Dirty Old Man somewhere. I bought it when I was a Dirty Middle-Aged Man, but now I'm ready to dig it out.
  3. Patrick06790

    Trad or Preppie?

    Here's some good Prad, from a Bass email that just rolled in, pumping a goofy-looking snoafer (sneaker+loafer).
  4. Patrick06790

    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    I took a shot at the J Press sale offerings and got a seersucker popover. (Those of you with long memories will recall lengthy and inconclusive discussions of popovers here.) It's a "trim fit," which in this case means "slightly less voluminous." I got an XL and it is plenty roomy. About $70...
  5. Patrick06790

    Trad or Preppie?

    Sounds like something you order in an Albanian deli. Once.
  6. Patrick06790

    Trad or Preppie?

    Treppie. Or Prad.
  7. Patrick06790

    Do casual chinos even go with sneakers?

    I got the least offensive-looking New Balance "cross-trainer," whatever that means, for the gym. Then the gym closed because the owner had some sort of nervous complaint or ailment. The sneakers gathered dust. Then, earlier this summer, I was experiencing some pain in my right knee. Got it...
  8. Patrick06790

    Thrift store blues & brags

    I've had a modest amount of success selling on Etsy. Not as many insane questions and determined low-ballers.
  9. Patrick06790

    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Spent the better part of the last two months in an old farmhouse on top of a mountain. No electricity, minimal plumbing, great fishing and almost no people. Now I am forced to make way for my cousins. And while many find the prismatic whirl of Lakeville, Conn. stimulating, I am not one of them...
  10. Patrick06790

    Aldens or any loafer and plantar fasciitis

    I've been experiencing some pain in my right knee. Not good when you spend a lot of time clambering around trout streams. I've been wearing a pair of New Balance cross trainers instead of boat shoes for two weeks now, and the pain has decreased. Not completely, but it does seem to make a...
  11. Patrick06790

    Irish walking hats - how casual?

    I have a couple of Hannas that get worn in the winter, pretty much with anything.
  12. Patrick06790

    Thrift store blues & brags

    I actually managed to sell some shoes on eBay -- without a lot of hassle. So the collection has gone from completely our of control to mostly unmanageable. Which is an improvement. Sort of.
  13. Patrick06790

    Neck measurements for OCBDs

    Never mind that. How do I get "curmudegon" status? I'm at least twice as grouchy as eagle2250.
  14. Patrick06790

    Neck measurements for OCBDs

    For decades I wore a 16.5. Then I thickened up around the middle and, whaddya know? Now I'm a 17.5. I lost much of the excess poundage in the middle area but the neck remains stubbornly thick. I hardly ever wear a tie anymore, or even a jacket except tweeds in winter. And even then... I...
  15. Patrick06790

    Boat shoe v. canoe shoe

    When going through the shoe collection I realized I had rather indiscriminately bought a bleep-ton of assorted mocs and, presumably rejected them all (although the mists of time obscure the "thought" process behind this). What I'm doing this year is: Wearing the chocolate Timberlands with the...
  16. Patrick06790

    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    What with one thing and another I haven't been able to get over the cabin in NY. (Stupid work.) So I've done the next best thing which is go up to the ancient farmhouse here in town. No electricity, outhouse, and like that. I share it with my cousins. They get July, I get August. June is kind...
  17. Patrick06790

    Shoe purge 4 -- AE McClain spectators 9.5D $100.

    Well a fellow in Massachusetts bought these, the AE boots and the Peal specs so somebody's feeling spunky... Which is to say SOLD