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    The problem with "modern" trousers

    I know this subject has been discussed at length before, but every once in a while, I see a picture that drives home the problem with what men are being sold today in the way of lower body coverings. That's just an awful mess. These are young, fit, slender men. They have plenty of money...
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    Getting used to contact lenses

    After ~38 years of scrupulously avoiding getting things stuck in my eye, and after ~20 years of bespectacled status, I am trying to learn to wear contacts on an occasional basis. While I am not innocent of all charges of vanity, that sin plays no part in my motivation. Rather, I'm interested...
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    Style article from Simon Doonan (Slate)

    Simon Doonan has been a fashion (not AAAC "fashion" meaning style, but actual fashion) maven/icon for years. He has affiliations with Barneys and is fairly representative of the high-fashion crowd in many ways. He occasionally writes articles for, and one showed up there this...
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    Public Service Announcement - Jeeves & Wooster on Hulu

    I just learned that is running all the old BBC Jeeves & Wooster free this week. Not only are these filled with Woodhouse's peerless witty banter, the men's clothes are the most beautiful and inspiring ever seen in a television series. And there's a good deal of dialogue revolving...
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    Powerful encryption and public safety

    I've always been interested in crytography (or at least since a math class I took in high school used cryptography as a topic), and saw this article today about a new encryption product/service being offered by, among other people, the guy behind PGP...
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    Comment from Court today

    I had a hearing this afternoon. It was a garnishment hearing in state court, so it was an environment where many of the cases heard would be small and perfunctory. That meant that there was no court reporter (the stenographer who writes down EVERYTHING that is said in court to create a...
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    Why skinny trouser legs suck

    (Originally posted here and discussed here.) The guy on the left is wearing trousers in the current fashion. He probably bought pants that were reviewed as "well-fitting" and then paid for some more "slimming" by a tailor. His trousers are, as a direct result, a lumpy, grabby, twisty, wrinkly...
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    How to wear sunglasses with dress clothes Notice that the frames are of a sort that could be used for prescription eyeglasses with clear lenses. To me, that's the real secret to dress sunglasses... if you could...
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    What you wear changes you how think Put This On picked up on this: This just confirms what I suspect most clothing nuts already knew: what you wear really does...
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    Oh, SO close

    We all know that movie stars generally dress like crap these days. Here, Kiefer Sutherland almost nails it: Why, oh why couldn't he button that collar and cinch up the tie???
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    Herring Holmes balmoral boot review

    I recently acquired a pair of the Herring Holmes bal boots in black leather. Here's how they appear on the website: Purchasing and receipt process: I have bought from Herring before, but not for a couple of years. Their website is fast and straightforward. They drop VAT for an American...
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    Rules that are not

    As some of you know, I think many of the rules bandied about on this and other fora are not rules at all. I think it might be fun just to collect as many of these rules-that-aren't in one place as possible. Bonus points if you can point to a thread or website that advanced the rules and then...
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    Biker chic

    circa 1925: Much larger version here: ;)
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    Great article/photessay Worth checking out.
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    Harvard president on undergraduate attire

    Larry Summers, regarding a meeting with the Winklevoss twins: "One of the things you learn as a college president is that if an undergraduate is wearing a tie and jacket on Thursday afternoon at three o'clock, there are two possibilities. One is that they're looking for a job and have an...
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    Are You Pro-Detail or Anti-Detail?

    It is my observation that most men who are interested in style in clothing (and otherwise) can generally be broken down into two camps: pro-detail and anti-detail. The pro-detail camp has a love of intricacy, variation, complexity, and visible craftsmanship. The anti-detail camp has a love of...
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    Custom golf shoes

    I don't know how many of you fellows are golfers, but for those of you that are, you may be interested in FootJoy's current custom shoe program. Unfortunately, FJ has closed their US manufacturing facilities that made welted shoes, and everything now seems to be made in China and has non-welted...
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    The Dandy Quotient

    As has been discussed many times on this board, dandification is an independent quality from formality. Rules as to how formal or informal one ought to dress for a given circumstance are actually not complicated and can usually be understood with minimal effort. A much harder question is where...
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    Am I the anti-trad?

    While I have great respect for the Trad idiom of dress, it has recently occurred to me that I almost uniformly avoid it for myself, without any (until now) conscious thought on the matter. For an American who shops with some frequency at the Brothers, I think it's kind of remarkable how...
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    Exciting black shoes?

    I'm in the camp that thinks brown shoes are more interesting than black shoes, mostly because of the color variations, the patina, etc. Black shoes are, comparatively, boring. But there are occasions and outfits that just demand black shoes - certain meetings, court appearances, and the navy...