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    Critique my MTM sack fit!

    While it was still cold, I visited J. Press in DC, and loved the way this beige jacket (pretty much a camel color) looked with gray flannels, or pretty much any darker trousers. I elected to go MTM, since OTR sacks don't look good on me. I'm not sure about how it worked out. I trust the SAs...
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    Clothing for a casual trip to Italy?

    An old friend will be visiting Rome this summer, and asked me for advice on what to wear, i.e. what to buy. I suggested linen. I also suggested seersucker, just to annoy him, as he and I are both Yankees (to be honest, he picked up a nice twang during years in Louisville). However, linen seems...
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    Suit for Burial?

    Today I have the somewhat consoling task of dressing my father for burial. He was not interested in clothes, though he enjoyed getting dressed up for family events and such. I managed to salvage only a few things from his closet when I moved him from Michigan, among them these three suits. I...
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    Shawl-Collar Cardigan Recommendations?

    Can someone vouch for these, by Peregrine? . What sort of wool do readers prefer? Merino, or something more northerly?
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    Bespoke tweed jacket for Northern VA

    After many years at a software startup, I flipped some options in order to buy a house. I'd like to get myself a treat as well. I have always loved hand-loomed Harris tweed, but the tailor advised against it: it would serve me for maybe 4 months per year in this climate, and I'd regret spending...
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    Trip to SFO, week of 1/18/2016

    I'll be in Palo Alto all this week, and would love to make a pilgrimage to Cable Car Clothiers. If anyone would like to meet me at some hipster cocktail place, or buy yet another pair of argyle socks on impulse, let me know.
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    What color of moleskin trousers?

    I have only one pair of moleskins, from Land's End, in that somewhat muddy tan that Orvis calls "field khaki" (). American sources of moleskin trousers seem to offer only field-ready colors, whereas British sources have many more. Does any American wear bright yellow, purple, or orange...
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    Fall 2015 tattersall thread

    Does anyone have experience with the tattersall shirts from Peter Christian? The home page as of this writing depicts the gold tattersall pattern, which seems suitably autumnal: (button-down tattersalls at ). The current price is £30.00, which as of this writing...
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    Fall 2015 Shetland thread

    I think we've had one of these the last two years, no? I'd like to start by asking who can tell me how the sweaters from Harley's of Scotland fit. There's a vendor on eBay who must have some older overstock: . I would love one of these in almost any color; hell, I'd totally wear a lavender...
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    Sizing of Moleskins from Bill's Khakis

    Does anyone have experience with them? I have 4 pairs of the original twills, all M2, size N, and 3 pairs of corduroys, size N - 1. So I have consistently experienced a difference between cords and twills. This might be due partly to shrinkage. In any case, does one of you have experience with...
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    Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor: Unraveling the Linothorax Mystery

    I'm not sure this will be of interest to anyone, but I just stumbled across this book: This seems to be what Alexander wore!
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    Difou ties?

    This name appears on eBay and Amazon, which makes me slightly wary. Does anyone know anything about them? I like the rough appearance of their linen-cotton ties, in useful basic patterns (say, solids, white dots, etc.). Once prices get over $50, I'd prefer to know that the tie is actually going...
  13. SlideGuitarist

    Biography of Coco Chanel

    I wonder if anyone's read the book reviewed here: The reviewer writes, "The War changed women's attitudes toward clothing. Proust has one of his characters [I don't know which one; I've never gotten that far -- TN] say that...
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    The Mystery of the Brooks Bros. Garment-Dyed Chinos

    I was in Manhattan recently, and happened to be staying right near Brooks Bros.' flagship store. I've only been wearing that sort of clothing for a while, so it was very pleasant to deal with knowledgeable sales associates. One finally helped me sort out the several versions of these chinos, of...
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    Friend getting married in NOLA: 18" neck, ~ 50" chest

    A coworker (and friend) is getting married in New Orlean on July 14. He grew up there and in Huntsville, I believe, but has no suit appropriate for such weather, according to his bride-to-be. I would be grateful for any help you Southern tradsters could offer about an appropriate suit. I'm...
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    Grassy green checked shirt...what to wear it with on St. Patrick's Day?

    I know this question has come up, but never with JPEGs, as far as I can tell. Today is St. Patrick's Day, and I couldn't figure out what to wear with this shirt. It's a quite grassy green; you would not wear it in winter, I think. I have ticket to see tomorrow night, so I need to make up my...
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    Suitable loafer for someone who supinates badly?

    I know the issue of supination has been discussed here (does everyone know the syntax for complex Google searches, e.g. " supinate"?). I supinate badly enough to put pressure on my "pinky toe" even while bicycling, or wearing $200 running shoes that are supposed to...
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    Battisti Napoli pocket squares?

    Very nice examples appear so frequently on eBay that it raises my suspicions. For example: . I understand that I should compare $45 not to the original price ("What a deal!"), but to the square's utility to me; still, these are close in price to Kent Wang's very attractive artistic reproductions...
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    Falke Socks at Saks

    Is anyone familiar with this brand? Seems like a good price for wool-cotton socks: