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    Thread on High Quality Chinese and Other Asian Footwear?

    "Who has narrow feet?" My brother-in-law, for one. Poor bastard takes a size 17AA shoe! And yeah, you read it right: 17AA. When I was young, many shoe lines ended with size 12. I'm glad I ended up with a 13D foot, shoddings for which are, of course, readily available.
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    Advice on Chicago Bespoke Suiting

    For many years I enjoyed a very cordial relationship with W.W. Chan of Hong Kong--often rated as one of the best tailoring houses in Asia, if not the world. I bought 17 jackets and six suits from them--'nuff said! I am sure they include Chicago on their tours, so you might consider them.
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    Gun Bunnies

    Definitely NOT Annie Oakley, who was quite pretty as a younger woman. I thought that figure might be Calamity Jane, but "Calamity" was a good deal more mannish in appearance than even that figure. From the photos I've seen of "her" I would have thought she was a man!
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    Gun Bunnies

    Elegant, attractive women in proper sporting attire with fine double guns...YES! Tawdry pin-up girls flashing cleavage and butt-cheek while brandishing "modern sporting rifles"...NO!
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    Carroll Custom in Beverly Hills (LA, CA)

    It shows you how out of this scene I've been for some time! I knew that Carroll & Co. had folded and didn't know John had opened a new business. On perusing the website, I see that the "custom" is more or less offering MTM services, just as the old Carroll & Co. did. Are there any really first...
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    Should I wear Dress Shoes on the beach?

    We have previously discussed Nixon's notorious beach walk in this forum. The national myth is that he wore a blue (or blue pinstripe) suit and "hard shoes," sometimes described as "wingtips" for his beach stroll--evidence of how "uncool" or "clueless" Nixon was, in contrast to the casual...
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    Gun Bunnies

    I think Annie was getting pretty long in the tooth when the above photo was posted. When she was younger, she was quite attractive--certainly well above my "minimum standard." I don't know if my somewhat fragile masculine ego could have taken being coupled with a woman who could outshoot me with...
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    2020 presidential debates

    The whole business seemed reminiscent of professional wrestling! Unfortunately, it wasn't "kayfabe." All three parties involved could have benefited by studying and adhering to Robert's Rules of Order and making all their replies directly to the moderator, as proper parliamentary procedure...
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    Mix linen and seersucker?

    My own inclination would be to think either would harmonize about equally well with a seersucker shirt.
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    Joseph a. Banks kapute

    Well, JAB was sort of a low-budget counterpart to Brooks: They sold/sell conservative, tasteful menswear akin to Brooks but cheaper. I have heard that Brooks is now in Chapter 11. Since dressing well--be it for business, church, social events or whatever--is less and less common, this should be...
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    Men's Wearhouse Parent Company to Close 500 Stores

    Not part of the target market for MW and JAB (I should hope!), but I just can't savvy buying a suit without trying it on. Maybe if I were a very good OTR fit (which I'm not) and had access to an excellent alterations tailor.... I did buy my stepson a couple of suits from JAB a couple of years...
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    Shoe storage

    Rather my situation as well. I suppose also storage problems can limit wardrobe size for most of us, and there is a point where wardrobe building lapses into addictive acquisition.
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    Shoe storage

    Well, as the saying goes, whether you're rich or you're poor, it's nice to have money!
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    An Elegant Young Man

    Kind of a neat look, but I would second the questions, where the hell is the lad going to wear that ensemble? I think he would have done much better to have worn spectators instead of suede tassel loafers. I think they would have completed the look much better,
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    Lapel chains? Knight pins?

    I have been aware of watch chains for almost my entire long life, but this is the first I've heard of "knight chains." I am vaguely aware that some orders of chivalry involve wearing medallions or other decorations on chains, but I am not sure that is what is meant in this context. I had a great...
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    What are your goto Brands?

    Oh my, I don't want to tackle the whole list, but here's a brief list of my go-to brands: Shoes (dress and casual): Allen-Edmonds Shirts: Mercer & Sons Pants (casual): Bill's Khakis Tailored Garments (suits, sport coats, dress pants): W.W. Chan
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    Are poorer quality skins tanned black?

    ^No hides are "tanned " in color. As I said before, the hides are tanned first. They are dyed later. Got it? One of my very best friends is a world-famous (leather) holster maker, Greg Kramer, and he confirmed what I stated in my previous post. I have at least four A-E styles in both black and...
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    Are poorer quality skins tanned black?

    Um, am I missing something here? I mean, I have always been under the impression that hides are tanned and then dyed in different colors (or left "natural," a sort of light beige that can darken attractively)--two quite separate and distinct operations. Have I been wrong all these years?
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    Vitale Barberis Canonico

    I believe "Henok" is the figure commonly called in English-language Bibles "Enoch."
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    Would you wear these Allen Edmonds?

    I don't know what was wrong with the "starter" shoes that a couple of good coats of polish couldn't have remedied. Better than that garish dye job, I should think! Tan captoe oxfords are of finite utility, but they have their least in a large shoe wardrobe.