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  1. fishertw

    Pant leg width.

    I was just trying on fall and winter pants before the weather turns colder and realized that a pair of Berle flannel trousers have an exceptionally wide leg opening (10.25"). In comparison to another Berle POW flannel the opening at the cuff is nearly an inch wider and just feels odd. Can anyone...
  2. fishertw

    Allen Edmonds change

    Over the past year I purchased two pair of Allen Edmonds pennny style loafers. Both pair have removable insoles and were part of a line of shoes which are lighter in weight and accomodate orthotics easily. This fall, nowhere on their site are dress shoes of this type available. They do seem to...
  3. fishertw

    Church Presentation event dress

    I am making a short presentation to the congregation of the church I grew up in, of an engraved silver platter that was given to my parents over 60 years ago as a thank you gift to them for serving as Senior High Fellowship adult leaders when I was a teenager. The event is this coming Sunday...
  4. fishertw

    Semi annual suit "try on"

    I spent time this morning trying on suits that I've not worn in the past year and a half. All still fit well. One new one that I bought in the fall of 2019 that I've never even had a chance to wear. I've lost a bit of weight due to not eating out with "car guy" buddies over the past 15 months so...
  5. fishertw

    NY Times article on BB abandoning their warehouse

    Cant get it to post but todays NYT has an article about how the prior owners of BB abandoned their fixtures warehouse and left the owners with a $240,000 problem. Not a good way to do business.
  6. fishertw

    Gokey shoe update

    I purchased a pair of Gokey Sauvage oxfords in January with the newly redesigned allowance for removable insoles and with a softer sole. I needed my own orthotics. I've been really pleased and was researching their other styles and spoke with a representative from the company who returned a...
  7. fishertw

    LL Bean has drunk the koolaid

    Just looked at the Bean casual shirt section of their website. It is entitled "Button Down shirts" or the like. Over half of the shirts shown there do not have buttons on the collars. BEAN-- THOSE ARE NOT BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS. (there- Rant over)
  8. fishertw

    All Creatures Great and Small tweeds

    With the remake of PBS series All Creatures Great and Small, one wonders if we might see a new interest in tweeds from folks who are fans. Just an observation, but the clothes in that series are really good and timeless.
  9. fishertw

    Barbour repair

    I recently took a 20 year old Barbour Beaufort to be reproofed and repaired with a few small knicks and tears. I took it to Orvis. Got a call yesterday and was pretty surprised at the cost estimate. To do minor repairs and reproof was quoted at $220. To do a complete overhaul was quoted at...
  10. fishertw

    O'connells vs Press lambswool V neck sweaters

    As a teen (60 years ago) I favored Thane and Alan Paine V neck lambswool sweaters. Todays Press that I got via email made me think about why I prefer the ones from O'Connells. My preference has always been for about 5-6" turn back tightly knitted sleeves. I have about 6-8 from O'Connells...
  11. fishertw

    Winter sport coats and blazers at the ready, (but nowhere to go because of this virus)

    All, Just thought I’d post a photo after making the seasonal change out of sport coats in my closet. Three navy 3/2 blazers, a tartan sport coat, one houndstooth, one camel 3/2, one herringbone 3/2 and a corduroy with patches on the elbows. Not exhaustive but ready for most occasions should...
  12. fishertw

    Allen Edmonds sale bargains

    I've ordered three AE styles in the past week. Nomad Chucka, Nomad tan pebble penny loafer and Black Houston Travel Penny. All were at or less than half price. Main reason for these is that they all have removable cushion inserts and are available in wide widths which I must have to accomodate a...
  13. fishertw

    Aging and condensing

    As I have aged, being retired from univeristy for nine years, I have tried to refine my wardrobe into a winter and a summer complement of items. For winter I have downsized to four sport coats: BB 3/2 camel, Southwick Douglas charcoal herringbone, J Press navy 3/2 blazer and a blue green two...
  14. fishertw

    Southwick Douglas

    I have wanted a Southwick Douglas 3/2 black and white herrinbone Harris Tweed for a while. With Southwick being closed due to BB bankrupcy I am considering going ahead and ordering one from a shop that seems to have stock left in their inventory. I'm between a 44R and a 46R. I have a 46R BB 3/2...
  15. fishertw

    Brooks Garland NC shirt factory

    Just saw an article from the Raleigh News and Observer that the Brooks shirt factory in Garland is shutting down putting 150 folks out of work. Hard times.
  16. fishertw

    Alden Trubalance vendors

    Can anyone suggest a vendor for Alden Trubalance other than Moulded Shoe in New York? I think Trubalance is the answer to my need for shoes with orthotics but can't seem to find other vendors who have an online presence. Thanks, Tom
  17. fishertw

    Harris Tweed

    According to a BBC article I just read, Brian Haggas, who bought a struggling Harris Tweed Mill about 13 years ago has just given the mill to his foreman in order to keep it operating and keeping about 30 employees working. He is quoted as saying he wanted to keep it out of the hands of...
  18. fishertw

    J Press shirt terminology

    Yesterday in a Press ad, I noticed an offer for a "Pinpoint, point collar, button down" shirt. I thought it was a misprint. Todays daily online ad for Press is for shirts and the terminology is the same. When did a point collar button down become a thing? Do they consider the placket buttons...
  19. fishertw

    Brown POW suit

    I am in search of a brown tone POW two button or 3/2 winter weight suit. I have searched all the known venues and have decided I'll likely have to go to a custom maker in my size. I am not in a location that has easy access to a tailor or company who does this. Can anyone give suggestions as to...
  20. fishertw

    Shoe/Suit compatibility question

    I have a tan seersucker 3/2 suit that continues to be a favorite. In the past I have worn various loafers with it but am now having foot issues and need a lace up shoe which will accommodate an orthotic. In the late winter I purchased an Allen Edmonds McTavish in a light tan, which has a heavy...