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  1. KenR

    Brooks Brothers Suiting Essentials

    I am having 2 double breasted Suiting Essentials suits made up for $798, one in a grey pinstripe the other in a navy herringbone shadow stripe. The salesman stated that the fabric should be a "Super 100's", which seemed to be the case based on my inspection. Is this correct? Has anyone had...
  2. KenR

    Your Opinions on The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. Issue

    What are your opinions on the issue? Was Sen. Obama's speech enough? Should he have parted ways with the Reverend long ago? Is this an issue at all?
  3. KenR

    Allen Solly shirts

    Picked up an interesting bargain on e-bay the other day. An NWT Allen Solly blue french cuff shirt with white collar for $19.99 + shipping. Now, at that price I figure I got a reasonable bargain. But can someone give me a better idea as to the actual quality of their offerings? Have read a...
  4. KenR

    A (Semi) Trad Renews His Vows

    Just back from Jamaica last week where my wife and I renewed our vows after 25 years of marriage. I Thought I would share a picture with my good friends at AAAC:
  5. KenR

    My commuting adventures in New York City today

    There was a nasty thunderstorm this morning in the New York Metropolitan area which caused major transportation disruptions for anyone trying to get to work. I took my usual Long Island Rail Road train which, because of delays, arrived in Brooklyn station sometime after 9 am for my connecting...
  6. KenR

    A Holiday Joke

    Thought I'd start off the Holiday Cheer. Forgive me if you have heard it before: Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "In honor of this holy season," Saint Peter said, "you must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven."...
  7. KenR

    A Public Service Message from Al-Qaida

    Excerpts from the new leader of Al-Qaida in Iraq's speech. (Doesn't he deserve a nice air strike): Leader of al-Qaida in Iraq Mocks Bush Fri Nov 10, 4:15 PM BAGHDAD, Iraq - A new recording Friday attributed to the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq mocked President Bush as a coward whose conduct...
  8. KenR

    Where is gmac?

    After the Interchange was declared a little to hot to handle a month or so ago our old friend (archnemesis?) gmac stopped posting. Has anybody heard from him? I actually miss (some of) his witty repartee, even if malinda has had to rein him in from time to time.
  9. KenR

    The Family Guy

    I've never started a topic before so I thought I'd keep it lighthearted and trivial. The past few months I have found myself strangely attracted to the antics of The Family Guy cartoon series. Some episodes are better than others but overall I find it hilarious. Should I worry?