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  1. Chouan

    Trump. Beyond criticism?

    As the extant Trump threads have been closed, does this mean that, unlike previous presidents, the president-elect is now being regarded as being beyond criticism, or even beyond discussion? I can't think of any other reason why threads on Trump should be closed.
  2. Chouan

    Ireland and the All Blacks in Chicago.

    Dear all, it appears that Soldier Field in Chicago had the biggest ever crowd in the US to watch a Rugby match on Saturday, something over 62000. Although I watched it on television, were any of you lucky enough to have been there to see it live? Or, if not, were any of you able to watch the...
  3. Chouan

    Ireland this summer.

    A visit to the west to enjoy the scenery, the food, the drink, the walking, and to see the rellies. On the ferry: Clifden on arrival: I'll be damned if I can get these pictures round the right way! No matter what I do, when uploaded they come out like this!
  4. Chouan

    Richard James

    Dear all, are these people any good? Savile Row, supposedly, but their suits don't look particularly inspiring. Thanks
  5. Chouan

    Cycle helmet

    Dear all, having taken up cycling for my birthday, I am baffled by the selection of cycling helmets that are available. Most that I've looked at appear to be made of expanded polystyrene, and don't look particularly protective. Any recommendations?
  6. Chouan

    Poste Apparel Double Monk

    Dear all, I recently saw a pair of these shoes on sale, a company/manufacturer that I know nothing about. Can anybody comment on their quality or offer any other information about them?,70/1145645008 Thanks
  7. Chouan

    Two hundred and forty years ago, this very day.

    Two hundred and forty years ago, this very day. A group of wealthy Englishmen , convinced that the government that had denied them the political rights that they, as Englishmen, thought themselves entitled to, despairing that they'd ever get those rights, proclaimed independence from the...
  8. Chouan

    100 Years ago this very day.....

    My late grandfather was exhausted from his participation in the week long barrage. That's him on the right, rather dark looking in the photograph.
  9. Chouan

    Vale Boris

    Well, it seems to be farewell to Boris; now I won't need to join the Tories in order to vote against him......
  10. Chouan

    101 years ago today
  11. Chouan

    Eating in Barcelona

    Dear all, having spent a few days in Barcelona, seeing my eldest son amongst other things, I thought that i would recommend you some good eating places: This, the only authentic Japanese restaurant in the city my son's Japanese friend and flat mate works...
  12. Chouan

    Eurovision Song Contest

    The family were all settled down to watch this annual event on Saturday night and, in my view, I thought that most entries were very much better than in previous years, with perhaps only a third of them being terrible. Any views on this, especially as it was being broadcast in the US for the...
  13. Chouan

    Wedding attire, again .......

    Dear all, my wife and I have been invited to a wedding in rural Suffolk this coming autumn (late October) by a work colleague of hers. There is no recommendation on the invite or suggestion as to dress. I quite fancy wearing a tweed suit. Would that be too much? Or won't it really matter?
  14. Chouan

    Chelsea Boots (elasticated)

    Dear all, after having not really liked the style for years, my younger son bought himself some, and, trying them on for a look at them, I decided that i quite like them. Having looked at some, I am undecided between the Loake 290 in brown and the Russell and Bromley Bill, also in brown...
  15. Chouan

    Scuff on shoes

    Dear all, I have repeatedly been causing the same kind of scuff on my shoes, caused by driving. I keep catching the top of the left toe under the brake pedal when leaving the car. Yes, I know that I should be more careful, but there it is. I've looked at various products, but I'm really unsure...
  16. Chouan

    Tory plans to commercialise the British education system through academies
  17. Chouan

    Money laundering and tax avoidance

    It appears that, whilst talking big about tax avoidance and tax evasion, not only does George Osborne's dad avoid paying tax on his business, but so did "Call me Dave"'s dad. We certainly...
  18. Chouan

    british Sporting success.....

    We seem to have done fairly well recently, winning the Grand Slam, a football team that looks as if it might be able to not disappoint, (the Kane and Vardy goals were brilliant ) as they have for the last 30 or so years, and to top it all, Cambridge...
  19. Chouan

    Daniel Cremieux

    Dear all, I recently saw a very nice looking pair of chelsea boots made in the UK, apparently, by one Daniel Cremieux, of whom I have never heard. The boots look to be of excellent quality, leather lines, leather soles and a good grade of leather upper. Does anybody know anything about this...
  20. Chouan

    And now Terry Wogan.....

    I listened to his farewell from Radio 2's morning show a few years ago and now it is absolute. Hard to believe.